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PvP participation rewards

Hi, I will say this directly.

I know that more than 50% of players fear going to PvP for fear of finding dinosaurs of a higher level than yours and that no matter how much battle you fight you will end up losing, this causes PVP to be a real terror in aviary where many players stay there for months and I don’t even want to imagine what the other arenas will be like.

That is why I do not ask for a balance because it is impossible to achieve it, there will always be players who go down from the sand on purpose to win easier and that is what causes the imbalance, not the creatures, do not increase them, simply players who fear to return To resume that nightmare of dinosaurs 21 vs 30 they decide to go back. But it is possible to fix this, if the players receive a prize for participating so as not to leave empty-handed that will help keep them in pvp.

I propose the idea of ​​spinning a roulette wheel at the end of a pvp battle, it will be accessible when losing or winning but if you win a battle it will not give you any more advantage in roulette, because that would unbalance things again and it would not make sense to propose the idea.

For example:
If I lose a battle I will lose trophies but I will have access to the roulette wheel so I don’t leave empty-handed.
If I win a battle I will win trophies, an incubator and have access to roulette.

At first glance it seems that this benefits the winners but if we give access to roulette only to the losers then there will be complaints, although the rewards for losing may be slightly better than roulette for winning.

Roulette prizes could include:
2500 coins maximum (this to help upgrade the dinosaurs so they don’t get stuck in an arena forever)

10💵 (We know that giving a lot of things hurts the game so I think 10💵 is enough)

DNA (We could get DNA as a reward depending on its rarity, for example 500 common DNA, 200 rare DNA and 50 epic DNA, exactly, this is to improve the hybrids)

In my opinion this is the best way to improve PvP, but I want to know if you agree with me or have a better idea, thanks for reading. :slightly_smiling_face:


The more of these dropper threads I read the more I wanna drop… I think it’s about time to find out if the grass is greener

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When they added the daily battle incubator by defeating 10 creatures, that is kind of a participation prize. Sometimes, that is all I go for and it also helps complete your daily missions and helps for the alliance missions.

With respect… the daily takedown incubator gives boosts so it’s a lot more than a participation prize, it’s pretty important to your arena survival. They lessened its value by giving them in drops but I would say they’re mandatory for anyone hoping to stay relevant without spending

Do you have a citation to show us that 50% of the player base fears going into pvp?Such as a poll.

I would say that it is an approximate percentage but not exact.

You see, I am the administrator of an important group on facebook about the game called “Jurassic World Alive Hunters” where we focus on the Spanish-speaking community, we did a meeting a few days ago where the question was how could you balance the PvP and the winning answer was the one I proposed in this suggestion.

This vote brought together players from different Latin American countries, such as Peru, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Venezuela, etc. Even Spain and Italy joined the survey, the JWA community is more than just the United States. Here is an example of what we do at JWA Hunters, we also try to gather English speaking players.

I keep losing at 4,727 tophies. life is not in my favor and it always finds a way

Hey man! Huge fan of jwa hunters! Keep the great work!