Pvp. Point not showing

Glitches onore than 2 alliances people are. Battling but points are. Showing on 0

Same problem here…

So I can’t see my trophies (it’s showing 0 for me), but other members in my alliance can see them. Also vice-versa… I can see theirs but it’s showing 0 for them.

Battled but says I need to battle to be ranked.

Same happened to me. Using Samsung S10+

Same it keeps telling me I need to battle to be ranked

I’m same done 2 battles and showing 0 pts but can see some others have pts showing…

After reinstall, points are showing now.


Has anyone heard of this bug? What causes it?

We try to keep an active alliance, so like to kick inactive players with 0 trophies… but someone in our alliance, who is active, and showed me a screenshot of his trophy count updated, and has done several battles, is still showing 0 trophies in alliance…

Anyone know why this is? or how to fix it?

Everyone sees him at 0 trophies when looking at alliance member page, and viewing his profile. But his main battle page shows him with trophies. I personally have uninstalled and reinstalled my copy of the game to see if it was on my end.