PvP poll

Just to let everyone know, there’s a poll on Facebook regarding the Ceno v Land PvP and whether it should be split into Ceno PvP and Land PvP. Personaly, i love the idea of the current Ceno v Land battles as it adds variety and we can have say, T.Rex vs Mammoth fights. I honestly don’t see any reason for the change, though many seem to disagree as the poll is pretty close, but we are winning as of writing this.


I like the PvP as it is too but I’m not on Facebook.
Fingers crossed. :crossed_fingers:

I did vote to keep Ceno V Land, but I did comment that it would be nice to have Ceno only PVP alongside for those who aren’t as keen on Ceno V Land.

To be clear, the way the poll is written it could be interpreted to mean replacing the land vs. ceno with a ceno only. Because it’s not clear, I voted to leave it as is, as I definitely don’t want PvPs with NO option to use Jurassics. But I did leave a comment as to the reason I was voting that way.

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