PvP Progression change


So I’m 3400+ in Sorna Marshes, I go up and I go down, but my only chance of going up is either fighting humans because they’d possibly be a low level as I am, or fighting a PARTICULARLY stupid bot.

My highest level dino is 18 - an Einiasuchus - and aside my Indominus, which starts its existence at 16, everything I have is 15 or lower. I don’t have the coin, or even the time to collect the coin, to level anything up in the immediate future.

Here’s my problem: according to both bot level and at least half of the players I fight, I should be at lvl 20 for my team. Minimum. All the bots I fight are 21-24.

Part of the problem is that, even from my perspective, I skyrocketed through the arenas. There’s virtually NO reason for me to rush through arenas, but when I’m trying and not throwing matches it’s really easy to go through arenas 1 through 6. My solution? Slow down the trophy count. Why am I awarded ~30 trophies every win? Why not just 10? It keeps me, and others like me, closer to the brackets we ought to be in, while getting more coin at the same rate to level ourselves up.

I’m not competitive in this; I don’t need to be in the Marshes at all. But on strings like these where I hit a block of high-level players and am then forced to fight bots after my inevitable defeats, it could be half an hour - or even 45 minutes, as of yesterday - of fighting before I get even a single incubator, which (along with the coins from victory) are all that actually matter.

Slow people down. There are only 7 arenas to begin with, and the top spots are THOUSANDS of trophies above the entrance requirement. There’s no reason to have this kind of rush to throw people into the higher arenas, especially when the bar that’s already set precludes the kind of teams that are entering.


Agreed. The loss can take away however many trophies, but the victory could be slowed quite a bit.


Yes… After being killed by 2 real people, I got chain killed by (8) level 20 and 21 dino team bots and yes, spent a half hour of loosing. Like you, my highest is 18, next, 17 then I have level 14’s and 13’s. Then I get put up against a real person with a team of level 12 & 13’s and mopped them up. Very frustrating.

You should earn less trophies going up. The other thing is to add more battle field levels so we are matched more evenly. I’m leveling just my team players as fast as I can farm coins and my highest dino has been waiting for days but I’m spending more time getting a few lower ones up a bit more before I fork out 30k coins to go from 18 to 19. I fear leveling my highest up in that I will get even higher bots.

Those bot teams are all dino’s of that one level pretty much so the level 21 bot teams I’m fighting have all level 21 dino’s. My highest is one is 18 and lowest on my team is 13 and I’m trying to take down all level 20’s and 21’s. I get close but no cigar. I was hoping the bots teams would slowly level down till I could win but were hanging 20 and 21.


Okay, this is now utterly ridiculous.

For some, dare I say, stupid reason every win I get gives me 30+ trophies, while each loss nets a mere 20 or so.

Battling until I win can take 30 mins sometimes. Maybe longer, maybe shorter, but it’s an absolute slog. Somehow, though, I still make it back to 3400-3500, an arena position I SHOULD. NOT. BE. IN.

My entire reason for being in PvP is the incubators. It’s beyond me entirely why the PvP progression system is designed to push me as fast as possible up this ladder to face opponents that nearly always outclass me in Dinosaur quality and DNA/coin quantity. Before I thought it was fun to face humans instead of bots, but now I am clearly facing all humans but they are high enough above me sometimes that they might as well be bots.

I’m not even trying anymore; I’m only half-heartedly playing it just to squeek out a win because, frankly, I’m content to lose just to be matched against people more my skill so that filling up a simple four-slot incubator row can be done without feeling like I’m putting in a shift of work into it.

Whether it’s a drastic reduction in trophy count gained per win, a substantial increase in the trophies lost per defeat, or the option to voluntarily surrender a massive amount of trophies at a time, there has to be a way to reduce my progression so I can fight like-level, like-equipped opponents so that it would be a reasonable amount of time and effort for both me, and my opponents, to fill our bars with incubators. The alternative is intentionally throwing matches to reduce our levels manually - which I’ve already done once before, took time, and feels a little “fake” - or to become frustrated with the system, which I am already.

Can we please address this match-making imbalance somehow?


I am in the same situation 3400-3500 :trophy: and what I’m doing is using a second team, not too strong but enought to stay in a decent level to fight players, and It gave me the opportunity to fight differently that I was doing!
This my second team!


You look like you might belong among the players I’m fighting. I haven’t even seen or created most of what you have in that screenshot to be anywhere near the same playing field, but according to progression we should be equally matched.

Beautiful collection, but you definitely out-class me and we’ve got the same trophies!