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PvP Pro's and Con's

You now get experience
You now get credit for any kill towards next chest.

It is heavily unbalanced and biased
BOTs - no matter their level always seem to have every legendary weapon.
One lucky shot changes the outcome no matter your tactics or team.
Archer can take out all four level 11 characters with one hit.

In other words don’t go into PvP fights with the intention of winning just concentrate on killing one opponent character, or if you get lucky more than one. Work towards the chest then leave.

Get used to losing 4 or 5 matches in a row before winning the odd 1 or 2.

What level of bots are you facing? Which Arena rank are you?

I just had an experience where lvl 12 Ranger wiped out my whole team of lvl 10’s…

Regenerate is broken. If a character is the last on their team with regenerate they regenerate after every attack so beating them is virtually impossible.

Tommen with regenerate, taunt, and counterattack is broken. If the character taunts with regenerate and counterattack going for every one attack of his opponent, the character heals damage and attacks twice. Best case scenario he heals and only attacks once while his opponent does not attack.

In the last few days my characters have started getting skipped during their round so opponents and my own characters sometimes get two attacks before another of my characters gets one.

The new character is almost unbeatable as well, seems to have huge health regen each turn along with reflect damage.

Minor source of gold and XP

The RNG is out there (pretty sure everybody agrees on that one)
It usually boils down to " the team with Halbenet / Calliope wins" thanks to the healing (from my experience so far)

No skip turn button. When your whole party can’t move and / or can’t attack, it would be a blessing to skip turns and would save some time. Also, it would keep your “squishier” characters from running one step ahead into the weapons of your opponent…

The “sole survivor” in a party gets way too many actions. I’ve seen people sacrificing their whole team willingly to turn the combat around completely with only Raika or Tommen left, thanks to them cheesing Regeneration, Counterattacks and / Or Injuries.
Combat should be like PvE. If you (or the opponent) lose a character, you don’t get “extra turns” by replaying your other characters.

There seems to be no ways to “dump” a chest.
I’m at arena rank 3 and i’m still carrying a rank 2, 3 hours chest around that i dont wanna waste a slot / 18 gems on just to earn 18 - 21 gold. There’s just no point
Also, it would be interesting to Have the choice to exchange an unopened chest after a fight if your slots are filled ( say i would win a rank 3 chest, make it that i can choose to throw away the rank 2 instead)

When going into pvp make sure all your characters are geared right use all can’t attack abilities, then chances are you can shutdown the ranger or mage long enough to burn them. Also use as many weapons that injure as you can this allows you to damage them on you turn then on their turn most of the time negating regenerate the guy with the poison halberd and his legendary that gives him taunt and counter can be a game ender long after he’s dead. Then load up with ac- warlocks spell hits all and ac+ buffs mainly tommus with his shield. I lose about 1/5, I’m mainly 12’s with ranger and mage 13’s and have a combat rating 4273 till my timer resets then I’ll be 4500’s hope this helps.