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PvP questions

I just have a few questions about PvPs

Does anyone know the levels (I’m assuming ferocity) that determine the prize wheel eligibility? That is when you cross from novice to intermediate, intermediate to elite and so on.

Is it normal to face an unbalanced team? For example I select 3 rare dinos around level 10 and the AI puts up 2 single digit commons and a super rare in the teens. I haven’t done the math but I assume the ferocity averages close to my teams. While on paper its a balanced match in reality I’m at a large disadvantage unless I get lucky with a class advantage.

This last one is more general curiosity. How many of these do you do in a day on average? Seems a good number of poster here really do a lot and say its the best way to gain valuable resources but with the food/coins I seem to get about 90% of the time I generally do the minimum required for the daily missions. I did tons on the short lived common wheel. I just can’t justify doing the same now. I guess I’m really looking for some kind of break even point that makes the frustration of coins and food worth it in the end.

The one super strong and two weak does occur. You’re not alone with that matchup.

I havent yet lost putting my team as two level 1 triceratops and a level 20 Indominus rex, which is currently my strongest last. The first two are just action soaks. And the Rex comes in against half as strong opponents with 8 action.

What prize wheel do you get with that line up?