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PvP random low levels

Sorry if this has been brought up, I tried looking for it and didn’t see anything. I’m still kind of new to this. For PvP I’m on lvl 2 Mt. Sibo. For the most part, the match making seems to be pretty even and fun. My lvl 12-15 epics vs others of the same lvl but every once and a while I will get someone going up against my epics with lvl 1-2 commons. Why am I getting matched with them? Is it lack of available matches or are people with similar scores as mine randomly putting them in for some perk I can’t think of?

I enjoy the battles that are even. Yes, I sometimes do enjoy an easy incubator from taking out every opponent quickly with a single bite from my t-rex, I just don’t understand the reasoning.

They probably are droppers that intentionally drop to easily win against lower level players.