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Pvp range

There have been two big updates since I started playing this game. Before the first I never fought anyone in pvp that was even quite 100 trophies in either side. After the last one it was just about 200. So far since the one this morning it has ranged from 481 below me up to 772 above me. I hope this is just becaue it just started and doesn’t stay so large of a range after a day or two

Hopefully that is because it is based on Rank, not Trophy Count. That would be a good change in my book because if you get high enough you basically only play bots. Also, there were times where I would play hours at at time and no that the player one rank above or below me was also playing because I could see their trophy count changing but I never faced them because we were more than 200 trophies apart.

Ouch yeah I just played someone 1300 trophies less than me. I feel bad but the flip side is I’d rather face players with a higher count so I get more trophies for the win. Once the higher level players get about 4000 and 4500 it should get more fair.

Yeah that’s my problem too. When they are too far below you then you have very little reward for your risk and bad luck can cause you to lose a fight you would normally win

Yep. I played against the person ranked #3 over all just now. Playing against whales wasn’t fun even when the matches were winnable.

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The update has created a “League” system for matchmaking. Each player within a specific league has a chance to match up against another player within the same league.

Burntbone league is 2500-2999 trophies.
Labyrinth league is 3000-3499 trophies.
Underdark league is 3500-3999 trophies.
Infernal league is 4000-4499 trophies.
League of Dragons is 4500 and higher trophies.

This decreases matchmaking timing but will result in more lopsided matches.

As always, the higher the trophy count disparity, the more the trophy transfer becomes. So if you beat someone with lots of trophies, you’ll get a lot of trophies.

I’ve got 2700 trophies and just be hammered by someone with 3900. Two leagues above me. I thought you only play people from the same league?

Increasing Unbalanced Matches Decelerating Ascension to the Next League

Now that most experienced players seem to have entered higher leagues how can I achieve enough trophies to follow. I keep being matched against weaker opponents. this is providing me with only 10 trophies per vicrory. It seems my only option is to spend a few days crushing novice and intermediate players.

The primary problem with the previous ‘Arena’ system was Unbalanced matches, and this is worse under the new ‘League’ system. I fear the result will be more novice and intermediate players becoming frustrated and abandoning the game.

Same thing… in the one picture I showed the guy would have been two leagues ahead of me

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It looks like everyone above 2,500 is being treated as being in the same league. Definitely buggy.

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This is ridiculous. i lose 50 trophies to ppl 4 levels higher than me, then when i win i get 11?!?! . PLEASE make this more balanced. lvl.10bppl have no business being up against lvl 18!
dont care about trophy number, want to fight ppl the same level.

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Ok this update really killed the fun for me I either get crushed by way higher level and trophy count opponent or I’m the one crushing opponent I got maybe 1 or 2 close fight in 20+ game happened to loose vs someone ranked very low lost 50+ trophy and I can’t get more then 10 when I win.

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Also you can’t really have a league system and a Elo ranking at the same time it one or the other. Best would be a system like heartsone or magic arena that use league system with enough straight win you move on you decrease if you loose but there a few spot that you can’t decrease that way you can have everyone move up and not a system that equal point across all player

I have the same issue with the 10 trophy reward. I will need to win 75 matches (assuming I dont lose) to get to 3500 trophies, while others were there within 30 mins of the update.