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PvP Remove Unique Dinos?

Is the best PVP strategy to remove your uniques?

I hate PvP more than anything about this game. I just took my level 22 to 24 team up against another that was 27 to 30. This happens all the time now. I have dropped from 4980 to 4600 in 3 days due to the way matchups work. But I am not here to just complain, I want to understand WHY this is happening.

I read in someone else’s post that with the new algorithm you are punished for putting uniques on your team. Have people decided that is indeed what is happening? The team I recently fought that was 5 to 6 levels above me did not have any uniques. Should I be pulling most of my uniques off the team??

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So, I seriously would like to know if it is better to drop the uniques on your team. With my current team, almost all uniques this is the kind of nonsense I face in almost every match I play now. 3 to 4 levels higher is very common, 6 to 7 levels higher happening more and more.

My alliance has many people who are much higher in trophy count than me (and climbing, not falling) with about half lower level legendaries or epics on their team.

Welcome to bad matchmaking.



Yes, yes… I know boosts play into this and the arena stinks, but there is some method to the matchmaking. The question still stands, are you better off dumping some of the uniques to get more balanced matchmaking?

I have seen teams with lower level dinos that have a lot more trophies, the difference being that their teams have several legendaries and/or uniques on them.

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I’ve never heard that using Uniques effects the matchmaking. Is this actually true?

The rarity plays a roll but i don’t know if anyone has figure it out.


Yeah, arena is super frustrating right now. Those are some of my worse matchups recently, though they are becoming more and more common. This is my normal matchup these days - 3 levels above me. There has to be a reason it is so mismatched. I have dropped a ton these last few days as every match is like this or worse.

I have pretty much given up on all PvP except for the daily battle incubator. Even that is getting frustrating as I am now losing 75% of the battles I do because of these ‘fair and balanced’ matchups.

We will see if they fix this in 1.9, but it may finally be time to leave JWA behind. Undoubtedly they will finally introduce armor and critical boosts :joy:


I just looked at one of my alliance members who is a level 15 player. They have almost the same number of trophies as I do at this point and their average level dino is an 19, several levels below mine. Here is the thing, not one unique on their team.

The highest trophy count member of our alliance (400 trophies above me) has dinos all the same level as mine, but only has 3 uniques, whereas I have 7. The next highest alliance member has only 2 uniques. The third highest, only 1. Seems that Ludia must be setting it so rarity plays a very important factor in your matchup.

So, given the the new algorithm it would appear that you are better off with a team of legendaries and epics, perhaps even commons and limiting the number of uniques.


If you are selectively going to drop uniques I’d recommend keeping tryko and thor of any of them


Yeah, this sucks but… If you were 4980 with a team of 22-24, then you were a little over your league… I’m around 5200 but sometimes I drop to a little over 5k… and my team level average is 27… Besides, losing 300 to 400 trophies in three days is nothing… I’ve lost more than that in a single day many times :laughing:

That being said, I don’t think dropping uniques is a solution. I only use three and also a non-boosted Dimodactylus at level 20… And STILL, I fight teams full of uniques at higher levels all the time… In the end, it depends mostly on your trophy count.

I have mentioned exactly what the OP is talking about in several posts :wink: I used to have a level 24 Erlidom and 26 Dilorach on my team, and 1.7 matchmaking + boosts caused me to fall from over 5,000 trophies to mid-Lockwood. I couldn’t climb back up to Aviary until I replaced those two uniques with good old Stegod and Tragod, even though they’re both level 30.

By keeping my team like it is above I’m staying in high Aviary.

I’m continuing to level my benched uniques and the Erlikospyx I created last month (now 22) in case matchmaking changes, but for now my team is great against DracoceRAT-OPs. Both Stegod and Tragod are boosted 6-6-5.

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I’m average 27/28 team and I stay between 5300-5000, once you hit the library its fighting level 30 average. I’ve stopped battling too except for the daily. I stayed put hoping the more powerful teams would shoot up past me but nope. We are in the suck and pull until you power to level 30’s. My team is doing terrible as it stands. I haven’t faced a single person level 22-24 though. I think it could also be that fewer people are playing cause of this matchmaking garbage and there’s just no one else to battle. Who knows. It’s a mess.


Thanks @Arnold. Yes, I realize I was a little above my pay grade at 4980, but what you’re saying somewhat supports my point. You only have 3 uniques. It seems like you are having matches that are more fair, or perhaps I did not understand you correctly.

For me it is less the trophy count and more the matchups. With 7 uniques on my team I am constantly being matched with players that have level 26+ dinos.

Let’s look at a different example, I apologize as this one uses trophy count again as a measure, which is not totally my point. The team below is at 5000+ trophy count. Yes, that is probably too high for this team, but it would seem the algorithm is rewarding the fact that their lower level team consists of only a few unique dinos.

Now I cannot say that they have not been battling against other dinos at levels 26 and above and just doing a better job at it than me. I also don’t know how boosted their team is, but it’s interesting that I am seeing a number of teams sitting right around 5000 that have very few uniques on their team, 2 maybe 3.

As I’ve said, I have to use a non boosted Dimo at 20 (with the rest of the team at 26/27 to have more “fair” matches… If I don’t, most of my opponents are at higher levels… Maybe I’m over my league too… or maybe the conspiracy theories are right and the matchmaking puts us against stronger opponents more than it should just to make us rage and buy more stuff…

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Thanks @deepwrinkle, that was what I was thinking. It seems like you are better with a small handful of uniques and that it discounts Legendary and Epic dinos by some percentage, which is how I am going up against Dino teams that are sometimes as high as 29 or 30, because they are not unique. So perhaps the way it is written is something like

Unique = 100 points (+ some % for boosts)
Legendary = 75 points (+boosts)
Epic = 60
Common = 50

So, if you have uniques at lvl 22/23 they might might well match you up against a team with lvl 30 allosaurus, level 29 Steg, level 28 Rat and a level 24 Thor, which seems to be what I am seeing.

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Yeah, all those things!!! :slight_smile:

So, I think we’re in agreement that the team needs to be a mix. Too many unique, boosted dinos and they will throw you up against much higher level teams.

I have purposely not leveled any of my team over 24 for now, but I am thinking I need to dump some of the uniques and go with unboosted legendaries to get better matchmaking.

Kind of defeats the purpose of unlocking all these great dinos, but at least I am starting to understand how they they reward/punish for team makeup.

Or perhaps they just have a big virtual dartboard?

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Yeah sure, that’s a conclusion we’ve had here in many topics when this BS started. That’s why I use the Dimo, lol… But there’s also more to it… My three uniques are at level 25/26/26. Then I have two legendaries at 27 and one at 28. And an epic at 27 and the non-boosted Dimo at 20… Without this Dimo I use a rare Suchotator 26… And with this team I fight Thors 29 and 30 all the time… I’m not kidding or exaggerating here… It really is ALL-THE-FREAKING-TIME!.. I would understand if the rest of the team was weaker, but no… many levels 26-28 as well…

Some may think that I should be lower on trophies then… but I also see many people with teams similar or worse than mine in the same place where I am and above

So, the harsh truth is: too many players SUCK at this and don’t know how to do well without their beloved boosted Thor and filthy rat.


Interesting, so perhaps I am drawing the wrong conclusions then… so maybe it is as simple as there being not enough PvP players so we get these really lopsided matchups, or just that whatever in the world they are using to match people up isn’t working at all.

I just look at some of these lower level teams of legendaries and epics that are sitting at about 5000. Again, they could be boosted 9/9/9 for all I know.

At this point I am dropping like a rock in rankings anyway, so perhaps worth trying some other combinations.

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Here I just created my 7th Unique with plans to make my 8th later this week or weekend when I get more Ouranosaurus from the event drops Saturday if I run out of that component.

I have not played my unique’s in PvP yet as I am still playing level 15-16 (unboosted) teams because of the huge variety of dino’s I have at this level and teams are only lightly boosted at the most. It’s more fun at this level.

I am interested to test your Unique theory to see who I get pitted against IF I go from level 15-16 commons - legendary’s directly to a team of level 21 boosted unique’s. My 5-5-6 Thor has solo’d 3 of the level 30 Epic strike towers so far or has taken down at least two by itself.

I doubt I will directly go from level 15 to 17 average teams up to 21 immediately because my trophy count is in the low 2000’s but will be interested to see what team average I will see in a few battles.

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The only uniques I’ve unlocked so far are thor and indo. I droped thor and replaced it with allosino, and though only having thor for a short time before this, I can see a difference in the number of fair/ balanced matches I’ve been playing. I still face teams with lv 24s, my highest level being a 22 Procerathomimus and lowest tied between lv16 carnotarkus and purutaurs, but I’m attributing that to me probably being too high a trophy count for my level. I’m currently sitting at low aviary with 4600.