PVP Renew Rant - Surrender button again

I may be one of the few people that does not have Legendary Renew Items…or any renew for that matter!

Once I can’t move and am pushed back I lose - three in a row now - no ranged. Pushed/Locked in place…picked off/or burned to death.

Really!! Between the Lock and Mage that is at LEAST four turns of NOT moving. Fine, it is bad luck but I am sick of watching/waiting to lose. Poor sport you say?? No, reality.

Surrender button now please! Or maybe less turns of not moving?! Yea, I know – try to farm renew items or buy them…:slight_smile:

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Or 3 zone attacks

The warlock hold does suck though

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The fighter has a common restore item (max 100%), the paladin has a rare one (max 75%), and the cleric has a rare one (100% at max for all heroes). You don’t need legendaries to deal with being immobile/

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It’s clear to me that the devs actually DON’T want suggestions! This is the first game I have ever played where I felt compelled to comment on the forums. It is clear that PvP is the absolute worst bit of game coding since ET for the Atari. I assume that my opponents aren’t really players but bots using player names.

  • The matchups are ridiculously unfair. The team with the better gear always wins. The devs COULD include that in the algorithm. Either they don’t or they do, but only so that those of us who don’t have all legendary gear get killed. Maybe the devs should make a little pop-up ad that says, “Tired of getting destroyed in Battle? Spend some money and buy gear from the store so you have a ghost of a chance.” By the way, devs, that was sarcasm, but at least it would be honest
  • The dice rolls are obviously not operating according to true probabilities (i.e., the only explanation for why I lose initiative 95% of the time is loaded dice). This is also pretty clear from the fact that my opponents’ saving throws work 90% of the time while mine are closer to 25% and that they get crits at a really high rate. Admittedly, those last two items could be due to their superior and upgraded gear.
  • We need a surrender button because most of us know as soon as the two rosters appear whether or not we can win the battle. By the end of the first turn, I already know whether or not I will even manage to get in a single kill. Why should I have to wait and watch? Just let me concede the match and move on.
  • We need a “skip turn” option. It’s ridiculous how often I get stunned, immobilized, etc. and can’t do anything. Then, of course, since I can’t do anything, my character (usually my wizard, who only has the 2-zone range attack) gets yanked to the zone right in front of the enemy. If she can move, I could theoretically move her to the back zone so she loses another turn of attacking, which just further guarantees my loss.

PvP is the topic that dominates the forum. The devs know what the issues are. They obviously don’t want to address these matters. I don’t know why, but it’s clear they don’t.

Yep… and I have none yet. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately true PvP matchups are based on trophy count. Although current WoW match-making is generally unsatisfying on all occasions, I always feel sorry for the weaker players after the season reset.

As an example, due to yet another anomaly, I dropped 350 pts two days before the reset. This was compounded by another 400 pt drop due to the reset. As a result, each season has started with me pillaging much weaker players because we have been reassigned similar trophy counts.

This is an obvious issue resulting from the seasonal resets. The mechanics of the system are further compounded by the overpowered bots implemented to corral players into common trophy count pools during the season. Very few players (perhaps 200) are strong enough to completely escape this endless loop.

It keeps being questioned why the developers do not correct these PvP mismatches. The reason is because it is working as intended. I dislike the system, but it is what it is.

The reward cleric item requires you to move! Better things to use on dwarf and paladin not in lineup

I agree we should have a surrender button. The question would then be kills. We need those for chests. Would you be awarded kills, if your opponent surrendered? I doubt it.

The PvP pool leads to uneven matchups. That’s how pools work. It’s not fair or unfair. It just is. If I’m losing I still try to get some kills. If that’s impossible, I set my phone down, and do something else for a few minutes. Getting some coffee, petting the dog, going pee, and even making the bed, are all better than whining at my phone.

It’s your not going to fix PvP, have the common decency to add a surrender button.

Give the opponent the choice to take the victory or to wait for ai to take over. Person who surrenders should get no kills otherwise it would encourage quitting until u get a favourable start

Could even add a small extra trophy penalty for surrendering - I’d be very happy to take that in order to get out of silly matches and onto something I actually want to do

I have been thinking about this and I do want a surrender button as well, but how would we/they credit the person who doesn’t surrender? Just give them 4 kills? Could that lead to abuse in some way? I don’t really see it myself but I haven’t thought to deeply into it yet either.

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I’d take a skip turn button before a surrender. Strategy wise sometime we are forced to move when we can’t attack but have to either move forward (getting killed) or backward out of range with some ability.

Regarding quest some could end up harder to do if opponent keep surrending (killing x character for exemple).

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Mkb617 and Krom make good points. A coordinated guild, with members having multiple accounts, could potentially abuse a surrender button.

We could use a skip turn option in PvP. It would be far better than the emojis. This too could be abused by a guild such as I described above. I’m assuming there will be guild competitions at some point. So I also assume ludia is looking to the future, when not giving us these options.

Because the PVP in this game is super broken, would it be possible to add the Abort option to exist after it has been determined who your opponent will be? This will allow the player to skip on needless battles that they have no chance of winning. I know for me, I keep finding myself against people like 3-4 levels higher than me…and at that point, why even try as 1 of their attacks kills like any of my team on their first attack. Allowing me the option to abort after my opponent has been decided will allow me to remain in queue for a better match up.

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How is PvP broken? Seems to be working fine for me.

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I believe the OP is referring to the ladder system, not the actual battle mode. :roll_eyes:

Correct, my reference and issue is related to the unbalanced matchmaking system that pits level 13s against level 17s.

I think this would be a system wide open to abuse - people will just use it to repeat skip until they get an easy match up and that will include avoiding specific characters they find tricky to counter such as the bard or the cleric. Definitely against the spirit of the game. PVP isn’t meant to be easy - just because it’s easy to mill it through the monster levels and barely die. If you’re losing and playing tougher opponents you should be picking up on offensive/defensive tactics and also aspiring you to level up so you can use the kit and attacks they use on you against others. If every match up was easy and I was facing opponents with poor equipment, I’d have quit the game ages ago.


While levels are not the end all be all, typically that team’s gear will be vastly overpowered compared to yours making the fight a moot point no matter what tactics you try to employ. I don’t see a problem with someone who wants to auto quit if they so choose. It’s not like the lack of this feature has prevented tanking anyway.

Make it punitive if someone quits. Pretty easy to do. Punish with exp loss, gold loss and time. See how many people quit a 2 min fight vs a punishment. Then people will QQ over the penalty. Gear over levels for PvP in this game.

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Topics requesting this have been continually posted since shortly after PvP was introduced. However, the developers have been reluctant to implement this time saving mechanism. As they do not seem to care about player requests I do not foresee this feature being implemented anytime soon.

Additionally, the developers erroneously defend the PvP matchmaking algorithm, identifying that it ‘works as intended’. As such, even though adding this feature is a common request, I understand the developers see it is unnecessary and undesirable.