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PVP roster not same as the creatures I just battled

On several occasions recently after completing a battle I immediately looked a the opponents line up and it did not reflect the same creatures I had just battled. There is no way a player could change their line up so quickly. How is this possible? Also, I have have had 2 occasions today where the opponent never showed on the recent opponents list. Just wondering how all this works.

If you have a friendly team created it will always show that team on their profile.

If the person doesnt show up on the recently played list you got match against the ai… most likely the pity ai for lossing 3 matches in a row.

They can toggle what shows via the PvP or friendly button

How can i control which team my game show?? It shows alway my friendly team…

The team you’re seeing on their profile is the friendly battle team, not the PvP team.

You can’t control it at the moment.

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I get a message to choose if I want to play against Ai when I’m in Lockwood Estates and there is no opponent. I was unaware of a “pity Ai”