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PVP Same battles every time....over and over and over

I am just wondering if anyone has multiple tactics or tries more than one tactic.

Am I the only one that is bored to tears with Warlock preventing movement for four turns…then being pushed back by ranger? Same routing every time. It is worse when I do the same to my opponent in the same game…booooring

Wait…advance fighter/tank with flaming sword - counter attack - Stay back and heal.

I try multiple things each game, but even I end up doing the same thing based on move order.

Are we really that limited on strategy or am I just a poor tactician?!

Unfortunately the platform on which we play these games is somewhat limited so strategy is only going to have so many options and even fewer that work.

That being said these types of games have always had a similar strategy. Tanks sit up front and eat damage and throw in attacks. Ranged characters sit back and attack from a distance. Healers, well they heal but they also have some toughness because they are attacked early. There are some variances with specialty classes and equipment, depending on the game, but the basic ideas still stand

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My 3 year old now loudly exclaims “Boring” whenever he sees ranger pushback.

It’s useful in challenges etc but really doesn’t work at all in PvP in regards to making a good match

I actually posted a thread a while back saying that pushback (and what follows) is the main thing that ruins PvP but no one agreed :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course if you don’t have 3 tile range attacks which I didn’t at the time it’s a hell of a lot worse, it’s game over as soon as your pushed back as they get free attacks on whomever you move forward

I do something a bit different in PvP with ranger I use long bow, only seen one other person using it. Everyone uses epic. Boring!!!

For a while I agreed with pushback, but then there were times with counterattack and taunt combo that I felt the same. Now it’s the ranger bow or the wizard one shot kill of enemies their own level or higher that I think sucks. I figure most things eventually fade out to something new

All good points

I too am guilty – I push with Ranger or Warrior - Prevent Movement - Dominate 2 rounds - Tank moves up…(with flaming sword) Counter Attack/Taunt/Heal from rear rank…

Maybe reduce the rounds of no movement or Dominate or Counter attack so we HAVE TO do something different?? Even longer for fire to appear?

I would live to get rid of the fire. I have said before it gives way to much advantage to whoever goes first. If you gain that middle row you have a huge advantage. I get that some fights could conceivably go on for a very long time but so what? Who does that hurt?

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Fire is necessary for a number of reasons

  1. when you have 2 characters that have same range but are currently out of range and no one wants to step in and get whacked - it’s fair that the one with lowest health will get taken out by fire first

  2. people with longer range have an advantage already, that advantage is amplified if they can move back at all times with impunity

I get those reasons for fire but it is stated somewhere, I think in the little tips that pop up, that the fire is to speed up fights, not as a way to even up the teams.

I also respect that some people prefer it that way. I would just personally prefer to try and figure out how to get around the ranged players tactics by rooting or domination or something like that, than to try to find a way to get out of the fire.
Another thing is even most characters that don’t have a 3 zone attack, the proc on their weapons can go three zones even if the actual first aiming can not.

Only if there ps another character to bounce it off Eg lightning bolt. 1 vs 1 doesn’t work

Like I said I respect the opinion that fire is something we should have, I just disagree. I would rather face someone with a 3 zone range when I don’t have something to equal it than I would the fire. He may miss me while I am working my way to him and while he is backing up he ain’t shooting. The fire won’t miss me

I never get burnt by the fire in the 2nd to back row it’s always the back - so less about then taking middle and more about being forced back or having To move back to stay out of range

I sort of agree with both of you

Leave fire but give it a few more rounds before it starts. Or decrease the number of turns you are prevented to move so you can at least move out of it?

I would like it to be turned based instead of time based… or maybe if you make it into your opponents zone you get some max hit points back. Only ones you have lost of course

As I said.

Fire starts in six turns??? Can’t move for four!? Sheesh!

Every game… :smile::thinking:

@Lee_Maker, it’s definitely frustrating. :sweat_smile:

Being disarmed is probably just as bad, which is why I swapped out some healing abilities for restore.