PVP sucks

Why would anybody make a pvp mode where one player has zero chance to win? I consistently have my lev 9 characters up against 10 and 11’s. It’s so lobsided it’s ridiculous. I’ve been playing for awhile and it seems worse now with the new format. I am about ready to just scrap this game and move on to something else.

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I think the intention is that when you start loosing a lot, you loose enough trophies to go down a tier so that you’re matches with opponents that are closer to your own lv.

However, this clearly isn’t WAI, for yourself and others that encounter your problem. I would speculate that possible solutions could range from using character lvs as a factor in the matching algorithm, or giving players an option to scrap trophies to go down ranks.

The AI matchmaking algorithm seems to take into consideration previous win ratio and/or win streaks.

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I think it just matches you against people with a similar ranks score, level isn’t factored in. Also level isn’t a reflection of power, levelled up equipment makes way more difference.

It actually matches you with anyone on in your tier, if they are stronger then that’s what you get. I have been offered bot since no one was on