PvP suggestion


I have a suggestion for a new PvP format since a lot of people complain about how it is now. For starters one of the big complaints is that some people get discouraged when playing battles during the tournament because it’s tough. They want incubators but don’t want to have to play 6 battles to get one.

Number 1 I would like to see an option to battle “unranked” or vs AI, where you can play a battle that is not part of the tournament and it doesn’t affect your trophy count. This option exists in tons of other online games, like Starcraft for example, where you can play ladder or just for fun. Currently you have to be unlucky enough to wait 4-5 minutes then fight an AI.

Secondly I think a tiered arena where you have to finish in the top of each tier to get to the next would solve a few problems. For example some games have a bronze, gold, silver etc. JWA already has separate arenas but each arena should have its own mini tournament. Only the top X players from each arena can move up to the next. The prizes would be less for each lower arena but you have the chance to earn your way in to the next arena and something else to battle for each tournament. This would also prevent people from dropping tiers.

And last but not least I would like a little more flexibility with the dinosaurs I get to use each battle. Maybe the option to repick one or have a preferred dinosaur you can guarantee get each battle. Although the priority of these features I would like to see the first implemented, then the second, then this. What do you all think?


Hey there, @Lythronax, I’m happy to say that we already implemented your first suggestion in our last update! Although we do try to prioritize a match-up between human opponents, if one is not found within sixty seconds you are given the choice to opt into fighting an AI opponent which will not affect your trophy amount - but which will allow you to collect incubators.

That said, I will be forwarding your suggestions to our development team so that they can take them into account! I know that they appreciate hearing what our players think of the game, because they are constantly striving to create the best experience for as many of our users as possible. Thanks for reaching out to us about this!


I really love the last suggestion, please try to implement it!