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Pvp suggestions for team

I am in 3rd arena and I feel I have some dinosaur that I want to use but I have no idea what to change tell me what I should swap and what for ( I have no legendaries or uniques)

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Can you show me a picture of all your dinosaurs in your collection?

I have more but they are lvl 6 and below

Swap ur trex gen 2 for normal rexy


hMmm everything else seems fine but maybe someone else may see something i can’t

Ok , I need 10 characters for this reply

Get wooly rhino from dailies and add it to ur team and also start working on sarcorixis and monolometrodon & dracoceratops and eventually thoradolosaur (these are long term goals though) but a good rule of thumb is if the forum hates it it’s probably worth using also things with swap in abilities

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:clap: :rofl:

Another thing I would replace is spino with suchotator, but that is a personal preference

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yeah, I mean you can if ya want, and suchotator is prob better than spino with a decel move, distract, and nullifying move and still has bleed

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I like the lockdown on spino cause it guarantees the kill.

Got Wooly rhino about to get entelechops, are they worth swapping something for if so what

Replace Boa or koola for wolly

And I would sacerfice kool and boa for wolly and entelechops

honestly, get rid of the koola and replace it with maybe haast eagle if you got it, try and get majundaboa and not just level up the titanoboa gen 2, t-rex gen 2 with the epic, spino with suchotator, and just so many other options in my opinion

but if you are using the spino since it has No Escape, I would maybe suggest megistotherium or andrewasrchus, They are working better for me than the bleeders

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Andrewsarcus is to low level

Drive around and look for them. I see a few everyday on the bus, along with megisto

Never found a megistotherium