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PvP suggestions

I've been thinking about how to improve PvP, and I've come up with a few suggestions. I don't know if the suggestions posted in the forum actually get sent along to the devs, so I'll be submitting a ticket in a day or so containing basically the same thing (unless some of the mods comment on this post), but I wanted to open up a helpful discussion on this topic.

  • Retiring from a match: Like other people on the forums have suggested, it would be really nice to be able to retire from a match if you absolutely know that you won't win. To keep people from abusing it, maybe have their opponent accept the proposed surrender instead of having it just be an automatic withdrawal.
  • Change arena fire: On the same topic of knowing you're going to lose, the arena fire can be terribly frustrating. Have several characters standing there with one last sliver of their health left, and knowing there's literally no way for you to win the match even with characters still standing makes your defeat even worse. I'd suggest changing this mechanic completely, or, if that isn't an option, at least have the damage take effect at the end of the turn, so that the unfortunate characters have one last chance at victory.
  • Some sort of tournament: Changing the focus of this post a little bit, it would be really fun to have some sort of tournament, maybe in the same vein as the Moment of Glory event. Players could challenge and accept challenges from other players, with mutually agreed-upon rules, and at the end of the event there could be prizes, or maybe just a glorious title.

Please comment with your own helpful suggestions!

Good suggestions

I would also suggest:

  • Have the PvP Area slightly bigger for more movement / strategy
  • Do not have the opponent within attacking range to begin with! This is a terrible idea, it should be the players choice when they’re willing to go into the attack range
  • Have the flame show up after x amount of turns and not on a timer. Also have the flame damage at the END of the turn not at the start

Ned, do you have any input for this? It would be nice to hear some of the developers’ side of PvP

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Hey JustPassingThru, I would be happy to pass your suggestions along to our team. :slight_smile:

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