PVP Surrender

This is going to be a somewhat lengthy post… so my apologies in advance.

Once upon a time, in the long, long ago…I was a wallet warrior for this game. Constantly trying to keep up with pvp arena and tournament play… buying boosts and bundles. It was worth it then… to me at least.

Fast forward to the past couple of months and now… the pvp meta is COMPLETELY overhauled. Things I’ve invested time and money in are no longer relevant, while new, over powered dinos are creeping in with each update. I would LOVE to take part in this meta, but unfortunately, I’m not made of money… so without a boost shuffle, I simply get to look at, admire and watch my “used to be” fully boosted team get demolished by them.

So… let’s just try to ignore the fact that the hard working, money spending fan base deserves periodical boost shuffles due to this constant influx of new content (frankly, in my opinion, it’s disrespectful and deplorable that this hasn’t already happened) and consider this…

Here I am, trying to stay relevant in this new meta with my “used to be” boosted creatures and now I get matched with a wallet warrior that has every new, over powered creature fully boosted and leveled. This is where I say “well played”, “goodluck” and then respectfully close the game.

Why do I have to do this when I know I’m beat from the start and don’t feel like sitting through the battle? Why do we not have the option to surrender in pvp? It’s bittersweet because on one end, my opponent gets an easy win (not like they wouldn’t have anyway) and on the other, they have to sit there and watch the timer expire every turn until my team finishes doing what it does best…dying.

I hate doing this to my opponents, however, I also hate sitting there, trying to fight a losing battle, while feeling nothing but resentment for the creators of this game while I watch my thousands of dollars that I’ve spent over the years just get flushed down the toilet with every update that doesn’t come with a boost shuffle.

So anyway… my suggestion here is to PLEASE add the option to surrender a pvp battle, so that when I know I’ve lost right from the get go, we can just get it over with and end the thing.

Once again, sorry for the long, ranting post… but I really feel like the need to have a surrender option for pvp is becoming more and more important. Thanks for reading, everybody.


A ff vote would be great like raids, cause sometimes i just wanna end this unfair battle i’m facing.

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This post has been made and debated and in spite of what some would say the negative outweighs the positive. The game would become either I get my A team and like the match-up 1st dino or I quit and if I have the better 1st turn match-up my opponent quits. I’m sorry but this would be a game killer

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Man you wrote this and I was too lazy to read all of it and you wrote all of it.

Unlikely, you’ll get free 3 takedowns, and an incubator. what’s more you want? oh also coins depending on your arena.

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The point is the battle not the reward. I don’t want free incubators and takedowns, if that’s all you care about maybe a competitive PvP game is t the right game for you.

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Would be nice if this game was competitive like it used to be, but it’s not anymore. It’s whoever has the most money and can buy the most boosts and level and boost all of the new OP nightmares… whereas others, who don’t have the ability to continue spending a ton of money because they’ve already invested thousands, can’t possibly compete in this new meta because everything they have boosted is from the last shuffle when the game and pvp meta was ENTIRELY different. The game has shifted from a pay to win, but still competitive to entirely pay to win. If you don’t pay, you don’t win. Hands down. No matter how much money you’ve spent in the past.

Not to mention… who has time for a deer vs deer battle? It’s absolutely disgusting and ridiculous how long these battles last. I need the ability to quit and just go to the next.


I’m sorry but I can’t agree with this. I spent a little my 1st year (mostly just VIP for about 10 months) and nothing the roughly 2 1/2 years since, I don’t play the game a lot during the day I don’t have a problem being competitive. Sure it takes a little longer to level the new guys but I have Skoona at 28 and Scorp at 28 and and Phorex is almost 26. I have enough boosts from spending my roughly 500 free HC a week on boosts plus what you get for free to have 14 max boosted dinos (most level 30) and I don’t try to but I can get into shores when I want. Its not about money and it’s not impossible to compete even though a boost shuffle is in order. I think the #1 issue with this game right now is more of a “how you think about it” issue. Will you be top 100 without devoting all your time? Nope. Do you.need to be to enjoy the game? Nope. The game is more balanced right now than its been in a long time

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My thoughts come from the mind of a top 50 player. Both tournament and arena. Put yourself in my shoes and then say the same thing.


What??? You really spent that much on a mobile game?

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I suppose if in your mind, getting into the top 50, 100 or 500, what ever the goal is and over time after meeting your goal, changes have you pushed down, I can see the frustration.

I think and play differently. I want them all (minus apex’s). I want to play them all. I have them all but apex’s. I want the challenge to put teams together to outwit opponents stronger and boosted. I’m not boosting anything as I don’t have enough to even put one boost in one stat on every creature that I have at team level 20-22. I think I have 189 creatures level 20-22. Getting all decent creatures to 21 is doable without spending. I have 4 of the new creatures at team level and working on a 5th. I try to get all Legendary’s to team level, good or bad, which is one of my goals.

I play for fun, of course to win, but like everyone, my win/lose ratio is like 50:50. I don’t play much though. I don’t really need the DNA or boosts from the PvP and daily incubators. I get more out of being out hunting and darting.

It’s incredibly difficult to compete in this game without spending… yes, I’ve spent a lot. This wasn’t a post made so others can judge how much I’ve spent. Other players in the top 50 have spent MUCH more than I have.

The point I’m making is that players like myself are what ludia makes their money on and with the last few updates, I’ve felt nothing but disrespect from them.

It’s like giving a friend $1,000 and them saying thanks and then a week later coming to you and demanding another $1000 or else they won’t be your friend anymore.


This post was about asking for a surrender option for pvp because I’m not giving ludia money anymore and I can’t compete in the top 50 without spending, but I get what you’re saying.

If I don’t have a fierce creature to counter a boosted Level 30 deer, I just want to get it over with, concede defeat and go on to the next battle. We should have that option since we are not going to get periodic boost shuffles.


I would kind of like this option when I get to face that occasional dropper rising back up with their level 28 to 30 boosted team.

Generally in my level range of 4300-4600, the matches have been pretty fair. I’m not getting trampled or am I trampling over anyone.

would this happen only if such surrender system happens without any loss?
i mean… what if surrender option just ends the battle with white flag player loosing their trophies to winner? one would think twice before surrending so early.

many players when facing an incompatible opponent (as people is suggesting), they already give up. the bad is the stronger has now to wait a few 15-seconds turns to end the obvious resulting battle. or the looser is not able to do anything with jwa (well, this is already a punishment to give up) or swap in and out to help stronger player wins faster.

a white flag (with proper torphies transfering) should shorten this suffering, lol.

^ I agree, that’s how I’ve always seen the surrender option working and don’t get why people seem to be against it.

If you wave the white flag, the battle immediately ends and you lose as if it was a normal match; you still lose 20 or 30 w/e trophies and the winner gains said trophies and coins.

There’s nothing worse than trying to fight against a Testacornibus and you pulled none of your chompers. Or Testa vs Testa and you have the weaker one, It’s like watching paint dry lol


This is exactly what I’m trying to suggest. If I can’t bring my team up to snuff with every update, I’d like the ability to surrender losing battles. I’m already sick of seeing boosted level 30 phororex. My team isn’t built to counter these new monstrosities.


It absolutely would devolve into “well, I didn’t get my best team, may as well surrender.” It would also allow players to drop easily and quickly. There are multiple threads delving deep into why this simply doesn’t work but at the end of the day the game is a PvP game and most people would get irritated quickly if they’re trying to battle and their opponents just quit right away.

It might devolve into that but for me personally it’s really hard to say, where I sit in the arena (low aviary) it’s really rare I find people disconnecting because they didnt pull their A game. But then again I’m probably biased because my team of unboosted level 21s frequently goes up against teams of level 24+ and I’d just never see people giving up. It’s usually me who disconnects because I just don’t want to deal with trying to beat someones level 28 boosted Morty with 2k attack who one shots my entire team.

of course no, this game is only for pay to win, you are one from Ludia