PVP Surrender

You realize how silly the argument of “you want to battle people in a PvP game so you must represent Ludia” sounds right? A surrender button is a bad idea, I’m sorry you don’t see it that way

PS- this game is by no means pay to win, if you want to advance quickly you’ll need to pay but the game is designed to be a grind and grinding is free


As @Bill_D stated, right now people just close the app and walk away. I would rather not watch the timer count down. A surrender button is a better option.


Dropper- stsrt battle, surrender. Now instead of days to drop it takes an hour

Normal player- player A starts battle, opponent surrenders, no actual playing the game or player A sees a dino they hate so they surrender.

It isn’t a good idea, it will end PvP and by association the game

That is your opinion. I agree with the OP. We will have to agree to disagree.

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Advantage- quicker loss when out classed

Disadvantage- people not being able to actually battle, dropping made easy, people will eventually complain they shouldn’t lose trophies for a surrender… I could make this part a novel

I think you have already :joy:

Droppers are going to drop anyway. It doesn’t take days to drop currently.

In any event, we will never know for sure. Ludia will never implement such an idea.


I understand why people want it, the frustration is sometimes overwhelming but the downside of having to sit through an ugly loss is better than the potential negative impact on Match making.

We will agree to disagree

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If it speeds up dropping you can drop faster without wasting anyone’s time.
That’s a good thing.
People are going to drop.
May as well get it over with.


This has become a good idea simply because Ludia has designed the game so poorly that matches can take 10-15 minutes now.


Exactly. Droppers gonna drop… but let us get these freaking 20 minute battles over with quicker. Some battles, you just know you’re beat. Why drag it out? It’s annoyingly frustrating.


You’re all still missing the point. The game IS battling, not surrendering, not hoping for a better match up. You’d start quitting to “speed up” getting into a match you think you’ll win then they’ll quit. It would kill the game

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Hahaha remember, he’d rather lose no matter how long it takes than surrender .


Hahaha, posts flagged. Point made :rofl:…I received a message saying I’m flagged for personally attacking ludia staff… that tells us everything we already assumed right there


Imagine being the only one to think surrendering would be a bad thing :sweat_smile: must be lonely.


Hello everyone. I’d like to ask to please try your best to keep things here polite and respectful towards all forum members.

It’s ok, you think it’s better to be a quitter. I’m actually a big critic of Ludia you’re just wrong.

Yes, you should have to sit through your loss otherwise the game becomes “well, I lost” quit. If you bother to look up the previous post about this my opinion is not the unpopular 1, this is just a subject beaten to the ground

Thanks, enjoy complaining endlessly about a game you still play and comment on

There’s one big point in not surrendering and leaving the match go by second by second: at least I’m forcing the opponent to lose his/her precious time, lol.


Ok, here is what someone is going to do with surrender.

Like was said, they will drop several arenas very fast.
Then they put on their high level 28-30 A team which almost makes every one they challenge surrender to them so the rise really fast and get even easier incubators.

Then repeat this over and over.

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