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PVP Surrender

There’s one big point in not surrendering and leaving the match go by second by second: at least I’m forcing the opponent to lose his/her precious time, lol.


Ok, here is what someone is going to do with surrender.

Like was said, they will drop several arenas very fast.
Then they put on their high level 28-30 A team which almost makes every one they challenge surrender to them so the rise really fast and get even easier incubators.

Then repeat this over and over.

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People are dropping already, they just make you slog through the entire battle as they do it.

As I said, it’s a moot point anyway, as Ludia will never do it. They want people to wait painfully to lose battles. That way they can hopefully sell more boosts.

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Why not establishing a limit to daily battles then? No more inc abuse.
Or a limit to victories, better.

Think about what you just said, punish people for playing to incorporate a quit button so people can speed up losing

It depends.
Me I would really like to save myself time and sanity avoiding hopeless battles (which are 90% nowadays), so a quit button would really be appreciated.
But I’m not so naive to really believe a quit button will ever exist or to deny it would easily ruin good part of the game.


i guarantee that i would be less irritated with an easy white flag from opponent and easy trophies, than watching 15 seconds countdown many times until the end. people already surrender, but the current behaviour is frustrating.

a white flag with proper punishment (trophies transfer as a normal battle) wouldn’t encourage people to surrender easily. this would only occur if no punishment are applied.


Agreed @AndreMR. I would not quit many battles, but there are some where I am clearly going to lose. Rather than continuously switching out my dinos to indicate that I give up just let me have a resign button. Hey, if you can resign in a game of chess why not a silly pocket dino game?