PvP team help plz

Is this a good team

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Id say it is for lvl 13, I’m about to hit lvl 12 & have zero legendaries / uniques & only 2 above @ 16, 2 @ 15

its pretty good for ur level, try to get uniques and only focus at 2 things at a time, since uniques are hard to level at level 13 and somewhat difficult whole game. @G_81 i had legendaries pretty early like level 12, but this guys also about 200k xp above you since the account is almost 14 and you’re 12. just look at a legendarys ingredients and focus on them more. if u dont have dna, look for a different one.

When I get carbotoceratops is it good to swap out carbonemys or leave carbo in there

I would swap out carbonsmys, there like the same thing but it’s hybrid is better

I looked at the hybrid and I think that I’ll keep carbo but it depends on how I like it

Really good for your level. Keep up the good work. I would personally hold off on boosting anything, though, just because you will want those boosts later for when you unlock dinos you want on your team “long term” (quotation marks because nothing is really long term with this game considering the rate at which new dinos are released). The other thing I would recommend is not leveling up dinos past what is needed for their hybrid, which it looks like you are doing that already :slight_smile:

if you can unlock argenteryx, I would DEFINITELY add that to your team!

the other dino I used a lot in the past was Suchotator - it really is a swiss army knife of dinos. However, IDK how that would fair in this meta as I have not used it in a while. It’s fairly easy to level up, though.

Ok it’s just I’m only 2 battles away from getting out of lockdown so will sucho still work?