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Is there any creature you guys recommend for my team? This my team right now

Indom replace Indor, Smilo replace Unique Draco.
Thor could replace Legendary Draco

With Smilonemys getting delayed rampage and run, it makes using it as an opener not as desirable. I would almost change out one of the rats for Smilocephalosaurus (if you have it) as it can still rampage and run on the 2nd move and does more damage despite having no armor. If it can take a hit, saying your opponent doesn’t slow it, it’s a better tool to deal a bunch of damage without getting one taken out.

Of course you can still use Smilo and if it gets slowed and you think it will get taken out, if you have another swap-in like the rats or one of the rhino’s, (maybe a Scorpius) it still works and saves a first takedown.

For me, I would use Diorajasaur over Grypolyth. I know grypolyth can do a heal right away if it gets trounced when swapping it in but I think it is under powered. Dio has a bit more armor. It’s kind of a toss-up as Grypo can hit through shields and Dio has shields. Dioraja is better for leveling and use in raids.

Indominus may still be useful at this team level. Swap out Tenonto back with Indom. Play both for a while and see which seems better. Those two could be a toss up where you can use either. If you get bored with one, swap it for the other. Always good to have a choice where you can interchange creatures back and forth.

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Try working towards Scorp g3 and when you do get it replace legendary RAT with Scorp g3.:slight_smile:

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