PvP Team Selection Tweak Topic (Again) In wake of 1.8 Dodge Changes (UPDATED 7/4/19)

SO I feel I have to reiterate this because it would’ve literally solved all the problems with Dodge/Evasion. It’s literally in your game already Ludia.

*Sidenote: Crit nerf was actually a GREAT thing. Thank you for that! That fact it multiplied TOTAL damage by .5 and not base like traditional moves was bonkers looking back at it. .25 of total is a solid compromise. Back to the matter at hand.

You didn’t need to nerf Dodge/Evasion. I’s very powerful, but chance based and had Null and now also has (albeit less prominent as of yet) Precise to deal with as well.

You don’t even need to make the new Precise/Null hybrids easier to access! The new Sanctuary mechanic will actually help in this regard to get DNA for those crucial Null/Precise users you want to catch up to your team level. Can’t wait for that mechanic btw! I know people talk about the wall of access ot the counters you so graciously provided us. This really helps solve that imo.

All you need to do…

Is take the Strike team selection on towers, tweak it, and use it for PvP.

That’s it.

To elaborate; at the start of a match as the timer begins, your team of 8 is displayed on your screen below, with your opponent’s 8 on top or wherever practical. You both see each other’s teams but not what they select. The order you select determines how they appear on the “line” as usual.

People can build balanced, diverse and competitive teams, make strategies and combos as well as compensate for certain dino’s weaknesses with a key player you know you can select when applicable. Your opponent also gets this luxury! But because you don’t see what they select you don’t know what kind of combos they’ll end up using or what counters they may try to pull against yours. Prediction of what they may or may not use would be a thing. Still fun, still somewhat unpredictable but now me and others don’t have to stack 3 tanks or tank-busters on my team to hopefully get 1 but have a chance of getting all 3 instead or worse, 0. Maybe have 2 tanks on a team that do very distinct things and chose the best for the situation my enemy’s 8 may present.

I’m surprised this wasn’t considered first since you already have this mechanic semi-built into your game.

UPDATE 7/4/19: After seeing the changes in action I feel both good about people not cheesing the fight at 50 health and terrible when I see they try at full and it doesn’t work out.

I find that I don’t mind the non-100% reduction as much but would like to see 33.3% be lower.

Shields/Distraction reduce 50% with basically 100% chance and usually does damage.
Instant Dis reduces 90% but deals no damage.
Stun delays an attack at 75% chance an deals damage depending on the attack.
Note that Immunity makes 2 of these 3 useless and an Immune DS user makes it all useless.

Giving Dodge/Evasion a 50% chance to reduce 75% (100% chance in Swap-in’s case) while working against basically everything except Precise, and Null would give it a nice niche while not being able to cheese with 100% reduction. Big hits (2k plus) would still make it through on people trying to squeeze victory at 500hp or less. Perhaps old Dodge can be brought back by new abilities like how Invincibility is just a more potent Shield on longer CDs. New 100% reduction evasive abilities with higher CDs and delays may be a better way to “undo” the changes now that I’ve seen them in action.

… Still waiting for that previously mentioned team selection change though Ludia :stuck_out_tongue:


Well said.
I agree.