PvP teams let's go to 12

Allot has changed in JWA including a ton of new creatures in each category.
As a suggestion, why not increase the PvP team to 12 allowing us to utilize more of the dinos we’ve worked hard to create and a few that are favorites.
This would also serve to diversify PvP battles, especially in higher ranks to avoid the redundancy of seeing the same creatures in every battle.


Do a search, this has been discussed in length already… More dinos, would mean we would need more boosts for them. The game has been running for over 3 years now, and it basically took that long to get a fully boosted team of 8, and maybe a couple extra tournament dinos. Going to 12 would mean that unless you started a few months ago, you would end up with an unbalanced team with 8 fully boosted dinos and 4 unboosted. It would take a long time to gather the boosts for the extra 4 dinos. There’s already enough random in the game as it is, Nobody would want to loose a game because they drew the unboosted ones. And if we get a boost reset, then it would still mean a long time before we get a fully boosted team again.

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I would be ok with having 12 dinos as an option, but it should never be required for everyone, since having more than 8 dinos on your team will always be detrimental for all the reasons @real_gambler listed above. But if someone wanted to run 12 dinos, by all means go ahead. It just isn’t the smartest choice.

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I’ve weighed in on this before and my opinion hasn’t changed.

It is already difficult to get into (and stay in) gyro and shores. The number of people in shores especially is dwindling every month. Forcing a roster increase to 12 (the most likely number) would vastly decrease the overall power of most people’s teams. Only the few people with a bunch of benched 30/30s would remain where they are; the rest of us (who are languishing in library, or hanging out mid-gyro, or just scratching our way into the bottom of shores with our only eight boosted level 30s) would suddenly see our progress set way back.

The artificial score reset every month is bad enough; diluting 90% of players’ teams’ power by forcing them to bring in lower-level creatures and spread out their boosts would be a death knell. You want to kill players’ desire to play a game? Show a big chunk of them that their hard work means nothing, because they’re never increasing that trophy count.


While I agree that having mandatory teams of 12 would be bad, I haven’t seen a convincing argument that running more than 8 dinos shouldn’t be optional. After all, just because you don’t want to do something doesn’t mean others shouldn’t be allowed to if they want to, especially if it doesn’t really affect you.


I mostly just don’t believe for one second they’d make it optional. If they did, though, that’d be fine.


I also don’t trust them not to break something in the process of doing this update. But theoretically an optional team of 9-12 dinos shouldn’t be an issue.

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12 creatures sounds fine. More diversity in the arena sounds fun

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You think so? Does that mean that your dinos synergy would be the same with 12 dinos as it is with 8. Particularly with less boosts to put them on? Players have a tendency to have a swap team, or high damage, or overall faster team. Basically, we pick our 8 dinos so they fit our playstyle and work well together. I know that if it was optional, I would never go for 12, strategy wise. I don’t see the point of diluting my team and/or add more randomness to it. So I would stay with 8, and feed on those slightly less boosted dinos for sure.

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Do you mean accidentally adding a new game breaking bug or going the extra mile of changing a perfectly fine gameplay mechanic that no one asked to be changed to disastrous results?

In all seriousness though arena wise removing the boost penalty entirely and avoiding making the meta revolve around a single creature should make this acceptable gameplay wise even if its optional but we all know those 2 are very far from happening

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Surely increasing to 12 would benefit the players who have been around longer, and be detrimental to newer players?

If we aren’t getting a boost shuffle I’d be all for an increase to 12 as I have 4 dinos with boosts on the bench. This would pretty much guarantee me progress against a player who hasn’t.

So I’m all for it .


I would love to use my benched max boosted level 30 as well! But it would have to be mandatory for all otherwise there is no point in weakening your own team! More seriously, let’s make it 4 only so we can all run phorurex, parasauthops, skoonasaurus and testacornibus…


Gonna say no. The way the meta is right now, that’s more chances of you not drawing the counters you need. Some of which there only 1 or 2 that actually work. Why dilute your chances like that?


100% agree that it should be mandatory for all otherwise there would be no point at all.

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Oh 8 dinos is absolutely more optimal than 12, I never said anything else. I wouldn’t use more than 8 dinos myself. All I was saying is that if using 12 dinos was an option and other players wanted to do that, I wouldn’t have a problem with it. Hence why the idea of optional 12 dino teams doesn’t seem like an issue to me: it gives players a choice, so players who want 12 dinos can have them, while players who don’t can keep the same 8 dino teams.

I mostly mean the former. After all, an optional team increase wouldn’t change anything for players who don’t want to use it (aside from any potential bugs), and it’s not like nobody wants this: the topic has come up multiple times, after all.

Of course if it was mandatory, you would get a ton of pushback. That said, players deliberately use sub-optimal strategies in other ways; for example, using off-meta picks just because you like them or despise using top tiers (e.g. Testa), or running a team without boosts. So while using more than 8 dinos when you don’t have to would weaken your team, there are already ways the game allows you to weaken your team relative to others, and that works fine. Honestly doing something like not using boosts probably makes your team weaker than adding in an extra team-level dino from your bench, and that’s always been an option.