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PVP tiers

Im not sure if something has changed or if I dont understand how PVP match making and tiers work.

I thought If I used say 3 dino in tier 1 that I would face opponents with tier 1 dinos as well. Is this not correct?

This seemed to be true until about 2 weeks ago. Now I’ll be using ceno dinos level 10, all tier 1 and I’ll face people with level 24 or 28 ceno dinos.

PvP are bots…


That didnt answer my question. How it the match making determined? I thought ti was tier 1 would fight other tier one…i guess that isnt always true?

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You should get matched with a team that has a similar average ferocity to what your bringing (usually will be a bit higher) try to do another match and youl probably have a fairer matchup this time

The tiers are just prize related, nothing to do with the difficulty of matches you face

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The match making will typically keep your opponents team to be within 5-8% of your team on average. You will get an odd ball match now and then where you will be completely outclassed by 50-75%. But those should be the exception and not the rule.

As an addition levels of creatures don’t matter, the ferocity of these creatures does.


Thanks. I get it now. I was under the impression that the prize tier level’s where what mattered for matchup. So I figured if I was using 3 dinos that were just below tier 2, then I would also fight people with tier 1 dinos. But I get it now/

The tiers are derived for the prize wheel based on the strongest creature you bring to the battle.