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PvP & Tournament Battle Tactics

Is there a post out there describing what are some good tactics to use in fighting PvP and/or tournament battles? I’m wondering about stuff like which lineups to choose and what strategies to use in battle. The AI has certain patterns it uses, so how can we use that knowledge to give the best chance of winning?

Please share any links you might have. If there is no post or wiki page like this already, maybe people can summarize their strategies here.


Search the forums?

Big health first
Balance of health and attack second, and should have class advantage over what has advantage of the first, so herb would be followed my amphibian
Thirds is all attack

Typically the ai assumes you block for two point if something else isn’t more obvious.

Sacrifice the first Dino for a point advantage.

I usually use the same types stated above, but I put my attack guy second and balanced guy last.

Watch @Sionsith’s videos. You can learn everything about tactics in them.


I have a ton of tournament videos if you want to see how I approach the battles, I also have MOD events and MOD PvP videos as well.

Lots of different play styles that you can do…


Thanks for all the replies. I had seen tidbits of strategy in different threads and was hoping there was a mega thread somewhere explaining it all. I will look through your videos, Sionsith, and if I get a chance, I will try to summarize and put it all into the top of this post.

Here’s a post I bookmarked as a newbie with good PvP tips.


Thanks, Mary Jo. Great advice in that thread.

Use only 1 good creature and 2 Triceratops , the reward is based off the best creature in the team