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PVP Trial Suggestion

Just now I completed the current Silverhand Trials. I think I have completed them all sine they have started.

In the 2 most recent trials the frequency of combats where I simply cannot compete against my opponent has been extremely high.

Prior to my 2 most recent Silverhand Trials I won about the average rate of battles i.e. approx 50%. Now I am winning a quarter of these battles. My level 14 and 15 guys are frequently fighting full lvl 18 complements that are either bot or human players. They wipe me out and I can’t even give them more than a scratch. There is no way these guys are the same league as I.

I think that just prior to these trials a lot of experienced players are deliberately losing battles to lower their league levels,so as to make the Trials easier for themselves. This hurts more honest players, in time and resources.

Now I understand some elite players dont like pvp and only play it during special events. Still, I don’t think that explains the funny math.



So my suggestion is to

  1. Sanction players who lose a lot of battles just before a PVP event.

  2. In addition to skill, other variables that affect performance are character level and gear level. This game trolls badly, so skill is not the only important variable for PVP.

For these important PVP events why not group players according to character level and gear level instead of league level. This would reduce the rate of cheating.

@Ravensclaw, Ludia made a recent change that managed to make Battle Mode mismatches worse. It was discussed in the following thread.

Unfortunately, they continue to pass ‘fake news’ indicating the issue with match making is player tanking. However, you will notice in approx. 40% of you Event Mode matches you will be pitted against a Battle Mode player. [This can be confirmed - the opponents trophy count will be much higher than your own - and their Battle Mode trophy count will change after the battle] Two separate matchmaking algorithms are used for Battle Mode and Event Mode matchmaking, which gives the Battle Mode (free) player a decisive advantage over the Event Mode player who is expending resources.

Also, your proposal of matchmaking based upon hero level seems logical, howerver, one of the posts within this thread also covers the topic of why using hero level for matchmaking failed during an earlier attempt.

This will likely never be fixed because Ludia profits from Event rigging.

It has always made me wonder as when i was climbing up the ladder ToM events always sucked for me and ide spend upwards of 500 gems to complete. now that I have mostly all lvl 18-20 characters i fight bots most the time unless playing during peak hours. However when I finally reached that lvl of having 16-18 guys I never got the easy matches against lower lvl players doing ToM even if i was doing normal battle pvp. the entire system to me seems rigged in the sense that when you play those higher lvl people i legit wonder if they are actual people, i speculate ludia uses peoples teams when they are not even online as in all my time playing i never got to constantly fight lower lvl people even though it seems like the majority of people are fighting higher lvl guys. The numbers just dont add up, there are many more lower lvl people than higher lvl, so how is it that lower lvl people constantly fight higher lvl people but then the higher lvl people always say they dont fight that many lower lvl.