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PVP Trophies high score

And another person named megzta who was in S.S. Arcadia arena 3 before this

Yep - seeing this too - my alliance trophy count is higher than I have achieved in the current season - not that we actually have a current season as the Allo G2 one has finished and the snake one doesn’t start until next week. Complete mess as usual.

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Oh!,You are Lucky. I am struggling,is it really titanoboa season next week? If so,I will try to reach above 2500 trophies to get some of its dna

Yes - Titanoboa season and daily mission reward :snake:

What is the reward?

But it says that the adjustment is only for 5000 and above and I had 1673 as my highest

Please is there any admin or Administrator,please get this to Ludia,I hate it

I’m glad it’s a known issue and will hopefully be fixed soon. I got above the count from where I was when I collected and I think that may be gone forever?

I think that’s the trophies from last season. I remember this being a bug before the Allo2 season started as well.

But it is not updating,now many in my alliance have it

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Ok so… this seems slightly off

the allos g2 season ended (yesterday i think). The next season hasn’t started yet so we are in a week of nothing.

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Even highscore’s are on lockdown… I just don’t get why…


@Poezzzie,the term lockdown brings COVID 19 to my brain

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Hence “even” … the reference was real :wink:


Finally hit the last arena today! Too bad high score reward was given out early, could’ve got a little extra Allo g2 :joy:. Oh well

Heck Yeah! I only got the participation reward as I was still in the 4th arena ,now I am close to 5th arena,but it still does not update. By the way,what equipment do you run and how much dna do you get of each rarity over there.

I get that reference. Lol

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I got new high score 6004, but it doesn’t show up in lists. What is the problem? Last high score didn’t either update couple of days ago.