PvP trophy awards

Have the trophy awards changed intentionally and I just haven’t seen the notice? I recently beat an opponent that was lower in trophy count than me and got 40 something trophies and then I just lost to somebody whose trophy count was near 200 less than me but only lost 28 when it would have been in the 40’s before

@Mkb617. the developer has established separate trophy counts used during PvP event periods. These temporary counts are intentionally obscured and are different from the regular Battle Mode counts which remain visible. The unseen Event counts are used for matchmaking and trophy scoring while events are ongoing.

Unintended consequence I’m sure but this is the reason people have already gotten to 4500 trophies. Due to weekly Silverhand events many top players will get matched against players with significantly lower trophy counts but still gain 30-50 trophies due to artificial counts.

Ok thanks …I remember before that even though the matchmaking seemed weird because of the hidden trophies counts, the trophies you won or lost still matched when you were actually able to see. So that someone who appeared 200 trophies less would either be a 50 trophy loss or a 10 trophy win.