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PVP trophy scoring

After having a quick look at the top scores in trophies I wondered this. Is there a limit to to the amount of trophies available in the game?

If there is and the top three players have almost 95,000 of them it’s any wonder players like me struggle to move from our existing spot.

When the top player has 3x as many trophies as anyone else outside the top 10 there is clearly a major issue with the way trophies are given isn’t there?

I get that these top players are way better than me and indeed every other player in the game, but by this much?

As far as I know, there’s no limit. It wouldn’t be surprising that the game’s code does have a limit and in the unlikely event someone reached a certain score they would break the game, lol.

Well, the difference implies spending the whole day playing to keep adding up.
They definitely are good players, have good teams fully boosted and also must have a lot of free time to spend on the game.

I’ve seen other threads suggesting that the spread of trophies and the way it’s a 30/30 win loss score is causing the jam in upper aviary and library. Maybe that’s not the case after all?