PvP unplayable

Is anyone else having issues with such terrible lag that you don’t get a chance to take any actions in PvP?


Constantly happens to me sometimes I’ll get lucky and get out of the lag just in time for me to nearly make an move or hit but most of the time I get to watch my team die

I’m unable to change the team in pvp any one help?

WAI: the team is randomly assembled each time from the Heroes you have unlocked.


Same here. Devs please either extend the time over 10 seconds for response or make the default response when standing in front of someone to be there standard attack instead of the walk forward which can not happen. That way I don’t have to sit and watch 2 sides constantly sit and miss their actions until i finally reset the game.

I was dead by the time the game loaded right now.

Hey everyone, our team is aware of the connection issues with PVP, and they’re currently investigating.

Having an issue where I’ll play PVP and the game will give me a character that I never selected. Ex: I’ll have 3 lv.5s and one lv. 3. It’s infuriating!

100% still horrible. I can play against the bots no problem but against real players, the lag is so horrendous. I get 1 or 2 moves and then completely unplayable.

Can you investigate more quickly? It’s been weeks that this is a problem. My Arena ranking is getting messed up… Feeling like it’s not really worthwhile to be honest…

Yeah, I’ve just stopped playing PvP for the most part. The headache isn’t worth the rewards at this point

It’s your crappy wifi’s fault

PvP unplayable because I’m usually stunned / can’t move for 4 turns /gg

Still an issue in 2020. Wth is going on with this game?