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PVP Upgrades

Hi Ludia,

Starting a thread to get you ideas on simple changes that the community would like to see implemented for PVP. @Keith please follow.

PVP suggestion

  1. Guild sparring. Allow Guilds to PVP without any trophies at stack. same dynamics, just need a guild waiting room.
  2. Arranged Timing. Allow for people to coordinate matches. PVP is great, but it’s hard to line-up matches.

Anything else?


@CluckingCyclist, I agree. These are both good concepts. Unfortunately you failed to describe how your proposals might be monetized. It is highly unlikely this developer will consider adopting these wise suggestions without affiance of fiscal benefit. Had you indicated they might charge 50 gems per spar they might show some interest. :wink:

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Charge each match a token or two. Lord knows anyone who’s played a while has thousands stored up.

Guildees playing each other in a sandbox will help lesser players to focus on which improvements they need. Many don’t purchase anything because they have no idea what will help…or start out purchasing everything and burn out from no gold/gems left.

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50 gems may be a bit rich for the lower level players. Possibly 50-100 gold? Or depending on league? Someone had suggestions af PVP wagers. Maybe if each player were to wager 50 gems each, winner takes all and Ludia gets a commission % of winnings?

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Agree, so make it a VIP only feature and maybe allow for wagers.