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PvP vs Tour rewards imbalance

It is time to rework PvP arena rewards because after a month of daily battling we are receiving limited rewards only. Think this is one of the reasons why so many players disgusted by PvP. Here is a list what you can win:

Timeframe: 3d per week by 4 tours/month = about 12 days of battling
Coins: Yes
DNA: Yes
Boosts: Yes
HC: Yes (sometimes)

Note: When player is focused on PvP dinos have no remaining DNA/boost/coins to invest in epic/rare dinos to play tournaments as well. Then many arena players unable to compete levelled/boosted epic dinos so can play coin/boost tours only.

PvP ARENA rewards
Timeframe: about 30 days of daily battling
Coins: No
DNA: Yes
Boosts: No
HC: No

Note: Rewards from arena incubators/battles not involved because want to point on poor final rewards when season is over. We invest a lot of time/boosts/DNA/coins/HC to build up strong team and after a month been rewarded by what? Bunch of rares?!?

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Make PvP great again. I think PvP should be center of the game, where the best and rarest Dino should fight and this should bring the best rewards. In the moment it makes much more sence to spend your ressources in epic, legendary or rare Dinos? Endless month of fighting for useless rare DNA.
There should be daily rewards depending on your trophy count (some Coins, DNA from exclusive Dinos). The option after three losses a guaranteed Bot fight to get an incubator and a rework for the trophy count,

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Read my notes. Cannot get HC/coins from regular seasonal reward. DNA only as you can see:


  • Start: January 04, 2021
  • End: February 01, 2021

Guaranteed Creature DNA

  • Dilophosaurus