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PVP Wheel Re-Spin(Ad) Not even worked once

I have been trying to play loads of PVP Battles in order to obtain loyalty points, since I have re joined the game,not even once,has the free ad re spin for the PVP prize wheel worked,I am serious,not even once! Is anybody else experiencing this or am I the only one? It is not a problem of internet at all,and I am very sure of that.

Ludia, do not hide it,we all know how much you have bothered to help the players till today.

cant spk for others but the re-spin is working fine for me

Why isn’t it work? No ad content, after the ad, it just crashes? What is happening?

It is not for me.

There is no content, literally not even once has the respin worked, the Connection is perfectly fine. I am extremely sure , it just says no content available.

There does seem to be a bug since the last update that causes that message to come up more frequently. It was really bad right after the update but I still get it randomly, maybe once every 20 PvPs or so? Sounds like you are particularly affected.

I mean not even once has it worked for me. Shocked to see it has worked for others.

There is a topic about this.

You could try switching devices or platforms, that has worked for some players. You could try to reset your ad identifier as well.

Okay,will try

I reset my Identifier,still not working, I can not switch devices because my tab is a android and my phone is iOS. Limit ad tracking is switched off.

You can switch devices if you want to link your account through FB, then you just use FB as your login credentials.

Hello DaWise_Weirdo, sorry to hear about that. Our support team would be glad to take a closer look on this. Please contact them at and if you can include your support key, it can help them find you faster in our system.