PvP you vs PTake


Is this fair?
Played in badlands for a while now.
30pts away from or at least 1 win to lockdown?
I totally refuse to put a penny in this game.
For this very reason.
Just got smashed every game right back in to nublar. Is players being punished for grinding the game out?
1- PVP is totally fake.
2- PVP should see the player first. Or referring as a bot player.
3- PVP real players should have an option to opt out if connection is lost or other play has left.
Left a few pictures what I encountered today.


Agree arena is rubbish atm


It’s hard to over come the arena, the more stronger you get the harder the game gets.


Another bug or whatever you want to call it.
I can think of a few names. But I will not.

Because kids play the game


I noticed that happening (the missing buttons) every time my internet connection goes out of range and my device switches to 4G.

Make sure you hv stable internet connection before u battle