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Pygmy Carnotaurus (Jurassic file #5)

Get ready for a new creature. Today, we’ll be taking a look at a carnotaurs that’s confirmed to be in Path of Titans after the game is released. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Pycnonemosaurus.

Animation: Tyrannosaurus

Rarity: Rare

Evo 1

Level 10

Health: 111

Attack: 50

Fact: The name, Pycnonemosaurus, means “thick forest lizard”.

Evo 2

Level 20

Health: 186

Attack: 67

Fact: Pycnonemosaurus belongs to the same family as the Carnotaurus.

Evo 3

Level 30

Health: 265

Attack: 94

Fact: Pycnonemosaurus knowns location is in Brazil.

Evo 4

Level 40

Health: 435

Attack: 146

Fact: The only known fossil for this dinosaur are its post cranial remains and teeth

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No wonder who its fact can be hard to find