I’ve been fusing this thing for what feels like half of my adult life :joy:

Thanks to this event


Kooooool, almost there myself, just need a bit more Pyroraptor DNA. Curious how he does in battle…


Still only got lvl 13 Pyroraptor and lvl 10 Irritator! :persevere:


Nice one @Heather :star_struck:
5 attempts at the event and my Irritator is level 14; should get to 15 easily but at 200 per fuse not sure I will get enough DNA to create the hybrid (should have enough Pyroraptor DNA) … will need more than 10 on several fuses … :sweat:


Proud of you! Not even close yet lol. Hope I can get a handful of irritators from the event or i’m screwed :joy:


They need to make it to where you get at least 20 for epics and legendary fuses. Using 250 DNA just to get 10 DNA isn’t even balanced out! Unless you get lucky and get 40+ the fusing isn’t even worth it! I had 4000 DNA for my raptor and I got 80 DNA out of it for Indom


I fought one and it wrecked me! I didn’t have either of my raptors to deal with him!


Well I’ve battled like 5 times I got it once and it was against a team of level 1-5 dinos :joy: but it’s wrecked me a few times.
@Calebrys when I got to 180 I was like SURELY this time… nope, 190 :joy: running about this a crazy lady trying to get more to fuse. Luckily I’ve only used 3 attempts so might be able to level up :heart_eyes:


I know that feeling too well, I somehow managed to find three kapros last night and had just enough to fuse the megalosuchus 3x, I got all 10s :sob:

I have no doubt you will be able to level up. Haven’t even attempted the events yet, I’m vacationing out in the boonies, so I may have to go to a legit park for drops.

this is where my strike event is… you can see actual wildlife like deers and such. I miss my suburban neighborhood :joy:


That actually looks like where I live the middle of fields :joy: will you manage to use up all your attempts do you think? I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you… and that I never meet you in the arena :joy:


Is hunting frustrating living in the forrest? Honestly I’d be happy to score 5 irritator, but I’m going to actually try try to attempt. Throwback to the last irritator event was frustrating enough. Can’t imagine having two other rares in the mix with less supply drops now a days with the strike events. Not one but TWO :joy: I need irritator more than Trex lol.

Call me crazy but I’d rather have 6 guaranteed attempts over Rexy.

I don’t know we are similar in levels, I can see you beating me.


She’s not even on my team at level 19 :thinking: not sure she could take the tank damage :thinking:


I haven’t darted my event Irritators yet, goin all 18 on them. Hoping to start Magnapyritor :pray:t2:


Attended this little T-Rex Gen 2 / Irritator party this morning - already darted 2 Irritators before I thought to take the photo.

Small cricket pitch a few miles out of town :slight_smile:
Irritator now level 15, Pyrritator 69/200 … 6 more event attempts; going to be nip tuck unless I get a lucky fuse …


VOW, so many irritators in your area…i drove 10 miles and only found 3


There are quite a few event drops in the town but quite spread out … for some reason this little cricket pitch in the middle of nowhere has 7 - you can literally stand in the middle and be within supply point range of them all :slight_smile:


The Gods of RNG have not been kind … two 10s later and now on 89/200; 3 event attempts left so I reckon I only have 2 fuses left assuming I don’t botch any attempts … 120 in 2 fuses … :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Oh it’s a nightmare I had two attempts while I was out because the rest were all gorgos which I already have in hoards and two fuses ten and ten :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: starting to think I’ll run out of pyroraptor before I even get to 17 :joy:


I used up all 18 attempts now… got my Irritator to lvl 12… long, long, long road ahead…


took me forever to unlock it too. was the last legendary i needed. it still gets destroyed by superiority strike. does OK against dinos without it.