Pyritator or Proceratitomimus

As I am 20 dna of pyritator I was thinking of benching Proceratitomimus. Is that a good idea or is it better to remove another member of my team

I don’t see anything wrong with that idea, TroodonYT. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t recommend that. Proceratitomimus is useful for a lot of things. Especially against Sinoceratops and Miragaia. Probably take off Gorgolasuchus.

yeah i would take off gorgo or tryst. they both are only good if set up correctly. you dont need both

I think since its latest nerf Pyrri is very meh. Low hp and can be one- or twoshotted. Was way more useful without a delay on distracting rampage.
I‘d keep Procera and lvl it. Since Ludia loves buffing that chicken I‘d keep it in.

I‘m between 4800-5000 and even there Procera can be a pain in the butt. :sweat_smile:

Don‘t underestimate its speed, its immunity (!!!) and the distracting and nullifying abilities. Also huuuuge dmg output for an epic chicken.