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Pyrittator Moveset Change


I’ve seen posts about Pyrittator beign left in the dust, yet Im surprised this simple change hasnt been implimented. Take a look at the movesets of its ingredients and tell me why this wasnt here in the first place after Pyro’s changes…

->Distracting Impact!!!

DS Strike

So why isnt Pyrittator’s moveset this…

AP or DS Strike
Dis Imp
DS Imp

It’s appropriate because of its parent ingredients and already stats are already nice. Make this happen! Magnapyritor’s recent buff in 1.6 will make it viable vs Pyrittator in it’s own way anyway. Better yet, put in AP Rampage and put in Dis Imp for another turn one option. Boom.


Distracting impact is worse than pounce imo what a nuclear level Nerf pyritator took! At least it’s hybrid got a buff!

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I think each move has its perks imo. Pounce deals .5 more damage and has a faster cool down but only debuffs that one turn; while Dis Imp has a longer debuff period, but has less damage and a 2 turn cool down. No hybrids seem to inherit Pounce for some reason.


Pyritator always dead in 2 hits garunteed, 2 turn debuff or not! more dps is better in such a situation!

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Yeah, I agree, Pyrritator should have gotten Pounce and Armor Piercing Rampage with the Stat change it received to compensate for the loss of turn 2 distraction. Boom.


I got Magna who actually works as a high speed specialist now(finally!) so if I had to pay with that buff with a nail in pyrittator so be it! Sorry to those who don’t have Magna yet!