Pyrittator raid stratagy (sorry if I spelled the name wrong)

For weeks I have been trying to come up with strategies to take down the boss and the minions, but no ideas are popping out. So I came here to ask you guys for help.

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If you haven’t yet you should join the raid Discord channel, there are a lot of good strategies for all the raids there

Thank you guys for so much help.

Can confirm this does work, also the marsupial lion can be lvl 8 with a lvl 16 tragodistis

This one is the most reliable one among many we have tried.



Just used this to help a new player through, worked a treat

Yep. It’s more reliable than some of the others. And it’s easier to find those creatures. Your not having to find lvl20 entelomoths.

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I really want to do this raid…
but I cant find anyone to provide a lvl 15 maia or phoru or mars
I only have a lvl 16 trago
can anyone help me?

@anon28420136 I have a lvl 13 mai (doubt it’ll work) but I can provide a lvl 14 thyca, if it helps, sorry if I can’t help more.

I’ve got most if not all the dino’s listed in the strategy. Send a DM with what you want me to bring and I’ll send you my username

@Ibidiwidi would like raid with you, do you know anyone with the Dino’s listed also have monodon short for monolemetrodon and tyrannolophasaur tyrannoloph for short as my strongest legendaries, I could bring one of them if you need me too there both lvl 18 with no boosts, if you want to raid with me let me know your jwa name along with the dino you want me to bring, thanks!

Really don’t mind helping out @kingIndominus but raids right now are configured in such a way that anything besides a few cookiecutter setups and/or a boosted team doesn’t work… If you can you should definitely try to level some of the dino’s that are listed here. Lvl 14 thyla might actually work if it survives though.

My name is Epicdinosauria12 #7325
I can do a raid from now to 12 MT
friend me if u want to do Pyrritator raid

Hey Ibidiwidi, I’ll be glad to raid with you, if you need my thyca I’ll gladly bring it

My name in the game is RaptorKing15. Send me a friend request so we could do raids.

Can you send me a friend request?

Ill send you a request my name is indozaktor

ive been doing a lot more legendary raids now that ive gotten a lot more legendaries… i havent beat this one yet tho

could we get an updatd link