I hate that I’ve unlocked pyrittator now that it’s pretty much useless thanks to superiority strike… I feel that the people who have had it for ages got use out of it, seems it’ll be a beast in the right situations, however any time I bring it out here comes trago, stegodeus etc

They are merely countering your dino.

Pyrritator and utasinoraptor are the hardest for me to deal with in battles.

Utasino and instacharge is your friend if you are concerned about ss.

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he did just get a 1 speed buff recently, so that helps s bit. but yeah, ss renders alot of dinos useless. hes a good cleanup dino but to mucj of a gamble to start with

Just don’t use him against something with ss :woman_shrugging:

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Don’t you worry…SS is getting nerfed from cleanse self to cleanse distraction only

Use it right and you’ve got a chain saw in your hands:

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That’s level 23, mines 16 haha there’s a massive difference, where I am in the arena that level 23 could survive a superiority strike plus Apr from stegodeus because how much hp is there

I don’t purposely use it against them :joy:

The move you almost always use first is Distracting Rampage though :joy:

Keep leveling yours and I’m sure you’ll hit 23 soon!
(The level of the one I faced was within the range of dinos I have on my team)

Just takes time …

Let’s paint the picture of how it’s been lately, they kill my Dino but they are left with low enough hp for pyrittator to come in and use normal strike. Next Dino comes in and it’s almost always stegodeus or trago, hit them with distracting but then get ss striked then killed in next hit, I could easily swap out also but then they’ve got 2 free hits on whatever I bring in

Since it’s soo fast, I think RTC is a good option to use here, even if you take in a little damage and aren’t slowed, it’ll lay some serious hurt with the next rampage


Soon?? Any more jokes in your inventory :joy: I only unlocked it 2 weeks ago, haha I now have 56 pyroraptor dna and 140 irritator… Getting there I suppose

1842 hp, let’s say I use rtc, they use ss with stegodeus for instance at the level 19 which is the same as mine, that’s 725 damage on me, then an Apr which does 1450. My pyrittator is sent packing


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I love my pyrittator it is a beast and tears through everything only level 16 aswell but yh swap out when trago or stego comes out

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I do occasionally but it’s still useless swapping out, everytime I come against trago I have no cards dealt to take care of it

And then there is magnapyritor…