I have been playing since launch and I finally got enough DNA to make Pyrogreus. It might be the first in creation.

Disclaimer Pyrogreus is a photoshopped dinosaur in the game Jurassic World: Alive. - The “Creator” of Pyrogreus


Pyrogreus? That’s a new one. Don’t recall that being in the update. What’s its stats?


i just looked up to dinodex and there is no such dinos in there. can anyone confirm this posts legitamacy


So best dino in the game? :joy:


snort nice photoshop job



Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! Read Edit


…omg dude, we got played XD
That was good though! Looked totally legit!


agreed. i thought it was real and had to double check to confirm it was a fake


How did it look legit? Was actually a bad shop, the bottom corner of the photo had a white splotch where it should of been smooth green.


idk i didnt pay much attention at first


It’s not a white splotch. It is a lighter shade of green. Pretty critical of my 1 minute shop job. JeBaited


well played sir well played


I just like to mock the creation of this fake dinosaur. :smiley:


Trolling is funner the longer it tricks people!


Pyrogreus may actually happen tho. It wouldn’t be that photo though. :smiley:


The mistake in the stats is showing anything below 20 as no unique would have any stats below that cause that is what dey starts at!


I have never looked at the stats page.


It shows from 1-30 (20 characters)


check the edit video.