Pyroraptor and Amargocephalus are here!

These two on the same day! Just like Stigy and Anky! I have a 24 hr Incubator in process so I might get something else so be aware!


Scary!!! :smile:

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Pyroraptor was about the size of a Basset Hound, not really scary.

I bet you everything in the world that if it was real you’d be running scared!


Kinda remember a high school student commenting about a Velociraptor being nothing more than a 6 foot chicken in, what I believe, was the first Jurassic movie… :smile:

As far as the game is concerned, though, would love to be pitted against a Pyroraptor and an Amargocephalus! Would make, let’s say, things a lot less stressful!

I came across someone today that pulled out their Pyroraptor in a battle the same time I pulled out my Pyrritator lol. I think we know how that fight went, but yeah not seen a Pyroraptor in the arena in ages!

Ok but nothing to Stygimoloch gen 2