Pyroraptor debuff


Pls give back the pyroraptor amour piercibg impact


Unfortunately I don’t think that will happen. Epic will no longer be better than its legendary counter part.
Work on your Pyrritator, she’s a beast.


@Syg but now utahraptor (a rare) is just strictly better than pyroraptor (an epic) which doesn’t make sense either in my oppinion :sweat_smile:


I remember every base stat of pyro is higher than Utah, no?


Pyroraptor is faster than Utah, and Impact is still better than strike. 3.5x damage over the course of two turns with marginally higher attack and speed? Yeah I’ll take Pyro over Utah.


We don’t even need to compare between Pyro & Utah.
Cuz here’s the truth: Pyrri now is totally more powerful Pyro.

Only point Pyro better then Pyrri is spd 129 > 128.
But Pyrri got a more powerful rampage, also a 2x bypass armor rampage.

They took everything from Pyro, then added that to Pyrri.:joy:


It still works fine. I beat a team 3-0 with mine earlier in arena 7.


But Pyro have now 10% crit. Chance! But, still…


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Pyro is utter trash now lost ability to fight tanks. Raptors basically exist to stop a Rex or to pounce then switch out for some early high dps before bugging out. Will likely lose 1v1 anything other than rex which kinda sucks for people like me who have been raising a raptor army because speed was king! Ludia Can I have a month of my life back so I can use it collecting relevant Dino’s instead of arena dinoburgers Is there going to be compensation for wasted coin/time hunting vraptors late into the night and where are the non existent Dino strikes??