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Pyroraptor for bucks

I’m new to the forum and I was just reading through some discussions and I found out that pyroraptor and some other creatures are locked. I pressed search in the market and got this offer. I currently have 3 pyroraptors and I really want carnoraptor. Is it worth it?


Hi and welcome to the Forum! As a Post Reshuffle Player myself, I can indeed confirm Pyroraptor is one of the more elusive locked creatures and it has an amazing Hybrid and Superhybrid.

It will take you some time to get enough copies, from DNA/Food/Coins to Jurassic Custom trades you may be able to grab a few copies so I would recommend wait for a few more copies before buying it with DBs. Seeing your Park Level and DBs quantity, I should say that you must save up your DBs.

But if you really want Carnoraptor and Dimetrocarnus, and can afford the DBs loss, then I say go for it. Then again, best to wait for just a few more.


Thanks for the advice! I think I’ll just wait it out and try to get copies through trades and events.


That would be wise, patience is the key. :wink: After a while they start to come by like it is raining. Ask @Jurassic_Fury, he was craving for those nearly making a reputation out of it, but now he has them more than enough like having multiple lvl 40s even after unlocking Dimetrocarnus. Fight the temptation, thank us later. :grin::wink: And welcome. :slight_smile: @Antwan

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Thanks @Cagkan_Coskun. I probably wasn’t gonna do it anyway, I just wanted to know if it was worth it.


You will get enough copies, just wait…


At your point in the game, you don’t have the DNA to take advantage of the unlock.

I suggest waiting and saving your DB for a special event or other need. For example, on Easter is normally a very lucrative gyrosphere for Ceno and a strong hatchery discount.


Huh i didnt know that. ANything on valentines day?