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Pyroraptor Ghost


We all know pyroraptor only appear at Dawn/Day/Dusk on its zone… This appear at 11.00pm. Whats the explaination for this?

Before proceeding answer this is a nest, want to clear, this is not a nest here. His nest is at Fire Station. And that location is not a fire station. And ive checked not even any fire station nearby it.


There is always a tiny chance of any dinosaur spawning in different zones or at night… One Pyrri spawned for me at night a while ago as well


Ok… Pyro is supposed to be nearby the fire stations. Now please, yes oh please, explain this: I have four fires stations nearby in the radius of 2 km and about 18 fire stations of the radius of 8 km. All fire stations are marked in Google maps so there is no excuse “why not”… and “Why not” is because I haven’t seen Pyro in the wild since last August. So what is the “trick” with fire stations?
Btw… we have the most fire-workers per capita in the World.


Well seeing a pyro near a fire station is the same chance of seeing a pyro in its local, so basically, 0% (for me anyways)


Are you at Local 2?


you wish a pyrri spawned. lol
they don’t spawn in the wild