Pyroraptor... LOL


It’s independence day, I see that message, didn’t realize it was a real thing. Am I the only one who had a momentary thought of, “Please tell me you didn’t unleash a genetically-modified Raptor that spews fireworks.”



That sign made my day 500% better.

(It’s raining where I live :confused: )


Lucky you. It’s 104° in the shade here, with around 98% humidity.



Hopefully it’ll cool off by night

We had around 100 yesterday, and I don’t know which one I would have wanted more, the rain or the ridiculously hot weather…


It didn’t cool off last night. At 12 midnight, it was around 90, with high humidity and NO breeze.


I didn’t think of that because I knew what a pyroraptor was before the game and now I’m afraid I’ve lost my sense of humor. Thanks for showing me the irony :laughing:


It’s about 82 degrees in Scotland just now, but because we’re typically a cold country nowhere and I mean nowhere has AC.


Anyone in this thread from ohio?


Phoenix, here. Hot! Hot! Hot!


Kentucky here. 104 in the shade with 98% humidity and NO breeze.


I wish it were only 82 degrees over here… To me, that would feel like spring.


Well we’re all melting :joy: it’s supposed to be cold and wet.