Pyroraptor Nerf - Why?


So, the Pyroraptor, which is the ONLY EPIC RAPTOR (other than Blue, which doesn’t have a major advantage with a shield either!). It no longer has any advantage over the other raptors, because they removed its armor-piercing strike! Seriously?!? I wasn’t scoring major advantages from Pyroraptor, but it was more helpful against armored opponents. Now, I’m better off collecting the Rare Raptors such as Charlie, whose Nullifying Strike is better than Pyroraptor’s! This Nerf wasn’t well thought out at all - especially since Pyroraptor is an Epic!
And I’m not one who thought Raptors needed a major Nerf. They are easily killed by other dinosaurs in their same level, because of their low health.


Raptors did need a nerf, but I agree that, due to rarity, Pyro should be the best of them among with Blue, still useful. It’s a shame it got more nerfed than other raptors.


Most if not all herbivores Eat raptors now :joy: