Pyroraptor's hideout

I’ve tried a couple epic scents in L2 with no luck. Has anyone had luck elsewhere? Thanks!

Yep, they periodically appear in zone 2. The last time I ran an epic scent in zone 2 I had a T-Rex and a Pyroraptor. I guess I was just lucky.

I’ve never tried a fire station, wonder if that would be a waste of time or not.

Can confirm they like hanging out at fire stations!

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Pyroraptor is a Day/Dawn/Dusk spawn in Local2. With 3 other anytime Epic spawns, the best bet is to use Epic scent during day.
I personally have never seen Pyro at Fire Station. Maybe use Epic scent near L2 fire station :smiley:

there’s some random spot like 2 blocks away from my house where it will spawn once or twice a month. in L3 for whatever reason :man_shrugging:

I work in L2 and I see them out of range by the hospital sometimes. Odd coincidence probably.