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Pyrriator has gone from good glass cannon to worthless trash


Never mind the fact it needs Irritator - a “rare” that I have infinitely less of than most Epics, it’s rampage was changed to impact, and its distraction, something necessary for it to survive more than 2 turns, was given a delay of 1.

Let’s not even consider the fact I had to come to the forums to figure out why the distraction had a delay - the in game info has no mention of it at all.

Just took a decent situational Dino that’s hard as hell to level up, and made it garbage.

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If they wanted to delay the distracting rampage, they should have given it distracting impact instead and leave armor piercing rampage as it was…


Almost as bad as Monomimus, but not quite. These two dinos definately took the 1.6 nerf blast, point blank in the face no less. :no_mouth:


yup, it wasn’t OP, idk why it got the hard nerf


Mono got blasted in the gut in 1.5. And blasted in the head for good measure in 1.6, and is now just green chicken feed. Well technically pterovexus feed.


And the worst part is Pterovexus isn’t great either.

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Pyrriator has never been much use anyway, stedgo or any other semi decent tanks can easily kill it. It’s main purpose is to make magnapyritor, that’s it

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It needed buff if anything by swapping ready to crush for something useful

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Could be cool If they made this dino immun. And with 1,5 distract (without delay)


Yeah, was just using it after the update and have decided to now remove it from the team. Always liked this little guy, but pretty useless now unfortunately.


Pyrri was perfectly fine the way it was. It didn’t need a nerf or buff.
It was one of the few Utasino counters too. Not anymore. Really sucks, it was a key dino on my team.


Lol so true, monomimus is actually way worse than the very obtainable epic procerathomimus… In every way possible…

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I agree with the 1.5x distract move, but giving it immune would make absolutely no sense and be way too Overpowered


It was my go to raptor, but yeah now it is near useless.


Pyrritator was one of my favorite dinos until level 20 and then became an ingredient for magna. The one thing that gets me about this game is we work so hard to create something and it becomes a building block for bigger and better. Magna finally got the needed buff, but I totally agree that pyrritator helps get up the ladder to the unique and should not have been adjusted.

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I hated pounce with the 129 speed… played against too many people that had it over leveled as far as my levels were concerned… yet pyroraptor is scarce around me… think mine is only an 18… so I never really got to use it the way it was meant to be…

oh well… I’m sure they’ll change it again…


Prob due to the buff Magna, it’s unique got. ludia making it clear choice to push for Magna rather than over level pyritator!