Pyrriritator better than Magna Pyritor


So stupid that a Legendary is better than it’s unique. Doesn’t even make sense Ludia. There is no contest he loses head to head every time…


Before talking about that unique lets talk about my poor tryostronix, she loses head to head every time against her both material dino as well​:sob::sob:


I agree with you here @Patiphan_Phanniyom!
I just went heads up against a tryox with my posti and won easily (both were the same level too).

Tryox is a beast against most armored dinos given it’s already powered up but it’s slowish speed is what cripples it. I’ve got a lot of Barry lying around but I don’t really feel like I would benefit from evolving it.


Magna has immunity … and at 128, it’s not really slow either. Both are pretty bad a$$ though.


Tryos speed is a joke… but I’m pretty sure it’s because they made it a tank crusher so having more than 120 speed would be useless against tanks because if I remember correctly theres no tank above 120.


Nope, trago have speed of 124 but no way to win when fighting head on with tryo.


and also their health. only benefit it get from evolving is immunity


Pyrritator doesn’t have defense shattering or nullify. Two different dinos stop comparing them.




Don’t even get me started on its health… well pretty much 60% of the dinos that should have higher health, do not. I feel like the higher the rarity the harder it should be to take down. Yes I understand that in a few months that the arenas would be swarmed with legendaries and so on but seriously I shouldn’t easily take down a legendary with a rare or even an epic.


Ok than I stand corrected lol I did say that if I remember correctly lol the stats get changed around enough that I have stopped trying to remember all the stats of every dino.


No worries lol


To be honest Tragodistis is a beast and a pain in the ass to get rid of when they keep spamming long invincibility. It can easily devastate if someone doesn’t have a way to get rid of the shield. Its counter and rampage to victory.


Neither of which make any difference when you face a Pyr because it’s faster and doesn’t need to debuff you. Just kills you


What level is your Tryostronix? I found once you can survive a hit it is pretty vicious. Here is mine and it is no joke especially when a I go against heavy armors and immunity is nice so no slowing or stunning…oh they are going to take this proformance enhanced defense shattering bite!


I had to get mine to about 19 before it became effective.


He’s talking about using it against its ingredients. Same level Postimetrodon always wreck Tryostronix, because Tryostronix is slower.


you can’t really compare them against each other because they serve different purposes and really should never be fighting each other. tryostronix and magnapyritator are upper arena dinos that are meant to take out dinos you will most often face, usually armor/shield tanks. if you have pyrritator or postimetrodon on your team in arena 8+, you are going to get popped.

you how many times i’ve taken out indominus rex with a velociraptor? a common vs a legendary. IREX will survive in arena 8 and a raptor will get one hit and then die.


Yes I agree that the components shouldn’t be as good as the upgrade but if you think about it they have completely different niches when it comes to battling. Pitting them against each other isn’t a viable way to compare if it’s better or not. Some dinos are only good for tank crushing, such as Tryo, and some dinos are only good as glass cannons, such a Velociraptor. Magna is a beast, plain and simple. Beyond a pain in the ass to acquire without dumping loads of money into this game but far worth the Unique status.


Waiting for the day i can take pyrritator off my team. Need that indorapter…